Competition Abs

20160806_1416542I am exactly 2 weeks out from my next competition and it’s time to bring it all together. Things are falling into place nicely and I feel the path I’ve taken this time is working great. This is also the time I start in on some seriously crazy ab work. This type of routine I found in an article about Frank Zane and how he worked his abs before competition. Being a smaller boned guy and natural ectomorph myself I always looked up to Frank Zane and his aesthetic physique. So I decided to give his ab routine a go when prepping for my last contest in August and I loved the results. My abs were very defined and tight. Here we are again 2 weeks until this next competition for my natural men’s physique pro card and I am repeating what worked last time. This routine is very basic, but absolutely brutal. Pick 4 exercises and do one set of 100 reps each. That is it. Oh, I forgot to mention do it EVERYDAY. Use the “pause rest” method to accomplish the 100 reps if you cannot do them continuously. Go until failure, rest 10 seconds, then continue going until the 100 is completed. I change up the exercises day to day. Here are the last three routines I’ve done.

Daily Contest Ab Routine:
1. Leg Raises 100 reps
2. Knees up Crunches 100 reps
3. Bicycle Crunches 100 reps
4. Side Crunches 100 reps each side
*Bonus: Planks 2 rounds of 90 seconds

1. Legs Up Crunches 100 reps
2. Reverse Crunches 100 reps
3. Russian Twists 100 reps
4. Lying Side Leg Raises 100 reps each side
*Bonus: Planks 2 rounds of 90 seconds

1. V Ups 100 reps
2. Twisting Crunches 100 reps
3. Bicycle Crunches 100 reps
4. Windshield Wipers 100 reps
*Bonus: Planks 2 rounds of 90 seconds

Things to note:
*I alternate starting with a lower ab or upper ab exercise day to day.
*I always have at least one twisting motion in the line up.
*I typically end with a oblique exercise.
*The Planks I added on my own design because I feel planks really tighten the core.
*Do this everyday.
*Make sure nutrition, weight training, and cardio is on point for weight loss.
*Assist weight loss with Kaged Muscle’s “Clean Burn”. Get 15% off with code “Wittig15”.

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
Kaged Muscle Athlete

Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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