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For years my friends and I traveled around the world playing music in our rock band Pillar. We would find ourselves in a new city every day and many times have no access to a gym. I was very intent on staying in shape so I found a way to get a solid workout in regardless where I found myself: Resistance Bands. I still have the same set of resistance bands that I used 15 years ago out on the road. I would hit workouts in hotel rooms, back stages, and even Walmart parking lots. For less than $50 you can workout anywhere at anytime no excuses. I encourage everybody at any fitness level to own a set of good resistance bands. Resistance bands can be bought at Walmart, Target, or any sporting goods store. The ones I personally have are called “Ripcords” and can be found HERE. I do not have an endorsement or any connection with that company, but they make awesome bands that I have owned for many years. I recommend getting the door attachment and the 5 or 6 pack. You can virtually do every exercise with that set up.

20161022_145923 20161022_145611

Resistance bands are great for all experience levels. For beginners or intermediates you can do great full body workouts to burn fat and gain muscle. Those who are experienced and lift weights on a regular basis these are good for maintenance when traveling and/or conditioning work. Here is a short list of exercises I like to do with my resistance bands:
Legs: Squats (above R), Split Lunges (above L), Straight Leg Deadlifts
Back: Rows (below R), Seated Rows, Pulldowns
Chest: Standing Low Cable Flys (below L), Band Cross Overs, Vertical Press
Arms: Standing Curls, Behind The Back Curls, Overhead Extensions, Kickbacks, Pushdowns
Shoulders: Upright Rows, Side Lateral Raises, Bent Lateral Raises, Front Raises, Overhead Press

20161022_145702 20161022_145820

Workout Suggestions:
I personally like to do Circuits with my bands. Pick 4-6 exercises from above, hit 15-20+ reps of each exercise, and do them back to back with no rest for 1 round.  Do 3-5 rounds total.
A more challenging type of workout would be do to Super or Giant Sets for each individual muscle group. Pick 3-4 exercises for the same muscle group and do them back to back with no rest for 1 round. Do 3-4 rounds total. Work several muscle groups in this way during one session. This shoulder workout will challenge even the most experienced:
Shoulder Giant Set:
A. Side Lateral Raises 15 reps
B. Front Raises 15 reps (below R)
C. Overhead Press 15 reps
D. Upright Row 15 reps (below L)

20161022_145716 20161022_145848

**Those killer blue D-Mak lifting shoes by Ryderwear. I have 4 pairs of D-Maks and they are all I exercise in nowadays. Comfortable and functional. Get 15% off with my code “WW10”.


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