The Eve of Competition

The day is almost upon me. Tomorrow I compete in Oklahoma City, OK at the NANBF USA Super Pro in Men’s Physique Open and Master classes for my natural pro card. The mental preparation for this begin as I walked off stage in August. I was very pleased placing 2nd in Open class then against much younger guys. I’ve worked extremely hard on my weak areas and made slight adjustments to my preparation to grow upon what I’ve learned last time. I do this to push myself physically and mentally. I enjoy the self discipline involved. I also want to be an example that you can be your best at any age naturally.

Yesterday I met with my friend Jason Story to run through posing one final time. He seemed pleased with the work I put in and we made a few minor adjustments. Afterwards I did a final workout to deplete all remaining glycogen in my body. I just went through a fairly simple circuit 5 times almost continuous.

The Circuit:

Do each exercises back to back with no rest for 1 round. Do 5 rounds. I alternated exercises for some muscle groups from set to set. Almost no rest between rounds. 15-20 reps each exercises stopping several reps before failure.

A. Chest press machine or Pec Deck
B. Back row machine or pulldown
C. Side Lateral Raises, Front Raises, Bent Over Laterals
D. Seated DB Curls or Incline Curls
E. Overhead DB Extensions, Kickbacks, Pushdowns


After the workout I hit my final tan and put my account on pause. Had to make a trip to Walmart to pick up self tanning gloves. Picked up some P28 White Chocolate peanut butter spread. That is a must have for my chocolate rice cakes. The combo is crazy good. Once I got home I did some light packing and the fun job of shaving my legs. The good news is I finally started eating some carbs. Up until this point I’ve been pretty low carbs and was really dragging by this point. After that circuit I could hardly function ha. Some potatoes and then chocolate rice cakes with pb made my life much better.

Today will start pretty normal, but with glorious carbs included. I will help get the kids ready for school and go train a few lucky clients. After a carb infused lunch I head to the city to check into my hotel, register for tomorrow’s event, and then relax until tomorrow’s 8am mandatory meeting.

Follow my next 36 hours on Snapchat (WittigWorks). I am going to put some serious effort into documenting everything well 😉

Thank you for all your amazing support. Special thanks to my family, Jason Story, Colton Powell, Matt Gillespie, Whitney Finch, and my home gym Elite Training Tulsa.


(NPC Oklahoma Men’s Physique Masters Champion Jason Story and myself working on posing)

Special thanks to my sponsors and friends at Kaged Muscle Supplements and Kris Gethin, Ryderwear, SwoleO’Clock, 6 Pack Bags, P28 Foods, and Shields of Strength.

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
Kaged Muscle Athlete
NANBF Competitor



Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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