Weak Point Prioritization

img_05802We all have weak points in our physique. We may see other lifters and envy their shoulders, wide back, or big calves. Just remember a lot of hard work was probably put into those prized muscle groups. Maybe they were gifted genetically. But this is about you. What areas of YOUR physique are lagging behind and need improved. Focusing on what others have only takes away time from you to work on yourself. There is a difference between being a beginner and needing to develop everything, and lifting for a bit and having actual lagging muscle groups. The thing I have always loved about building is how through effort you can alter and shape the body. The outcome is solely dependent on the effort and planning you put into it. Here are my general tips for turning a weak point into a strong one.

1. Identify the weak area. Be honest with yourself and recognize a weak point when you have one. If you have no idea ask someone with experience and whom you trust. Then break down the specifics. If its your chest is it your upper chest, outer, inner, etc? If your Triceps are lagging is it the lateral head or the long head? I recommend pulling up images of great physiques that have all the muscle groups labeled. Chances are you have more than one area that needs improvement.

2. Select exercises to target your specific weak point. To accomplish the task if bringing up a particular muscle group you need the right tools for the job aka exercises. You can always look online. I am old school and have copies of books such as ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding’ laying around. I still reference that book every now and then. While we cannot completely alter the genetic shape of our muscles, through proper planning and hard work you can build new muscle and greatly improve any area.

3. Prioritize the weak area. Don’t make Monday “Chest” day. Make it your weak point day. Start the week off strong targeting that area in need of most improvement. Start the workout focusing on that specific angle of the muscle needing attention. If it’s upper chest start with a Incline movement. If it’s your abs start your Monday workout with abs then move on to Chest or whatever.

4. Increase frequency. Plan your workout schedule to hit your weak area 2-3 times a week instead just once. Stop doing the same program and try something new. I was a one major body part a day for years. When I switched to hitting every muscle group twice a week I had great results.

5. Keep a workout journal. Your workouts need to be progressive. It’s difficult to progress if you cannot remember to the pound and rep what you have done in the past. Bring a notebook or use an app and track every workout, exercise, rep, and weight. Make notes on what you feel works and what didn’t. Build new workouts based on accurate data. I’ve kept a workout journal every since I started at 15.

6. Stretch and flex it. Learn to have complete control over that lagging muscle group. Be aware of how it feels to flex or contract that particular muscle. Make sure you can feel it on each rep. Remember that every exercise has a purpose. Find that purpose when you do each and every rep. Stretch the muscle group in question between sets as this will not only help you feel the muscle, but keep nutrients coming in and transport wastes out.

7. Nutrition and supplementation. Don’t forget that bringing up a lagging muscle group is still building muscle. To build muscle you need to bring in a proper amount of nutrients (calories, protein, carbs, fats) and water. Extreme effort needs to be put into how you are eating. The what you eat, how much, and when are all important. If your eating is on point the right supplements can assist in building muscle especially if you have not done so before or took a break from them . I personally take Kaged Muscle supplements. When building muscle I specifically take: Pre-Kaged (pre-workout), In-Kaged (intra workout), Re-Kaged (post workout whey protein), and Kasein (slow digesting protein before bed). Get 15% off Kagedmusle.com with my code “Wittig15”.

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
Kaged Muscle Athlete

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ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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