Tips to Building in Life

I am not just talking about building muscle here though I do like to do lots of that. I am referring to building any positive aspect of your life: relationships, finances, character, health, and yes even muscle. What is my big tip for you? Sometimes in order to build you have to tear it down! You’ve heard that before. In muscle building yes, that is exactly what we do. We lift heavy objects, tear muscle fibers, then rebuilding them stronger in the recovery process. But I do not mean you need to actually tear down relationships, jobs, and your life. Now listen to this because its going to be good: you need to tear down your “way of thinking and doing”. If the way you are doing things now has not got you to where you want to be you have to do things differently. Pull out a piece of paper and list the following:
1. Areas in my life I would like to be better.
2. How am I currently approaching these areas in my life.
3. Brainstorm ways of doing things differently for each of the things listed in 2 above. Write every idea you have down.
4. Start doing things differently and get different results.

Bam! You’re welcome. You can mail checks to my home address. Ha.

-Wittig, ISSA CPT


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Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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