The Ab Punisher

I hit my core the other day and it’s still sore two days later. That is when I know it’s a good one to share with you all. You think I am trying to help, but really I am in the game of punishing. But remember I always punish myself first. This ab routine is game on to slam your lower abs. Don’t speed through it. Go slow and concentrate on feeling each rep.
-Wittig, ISSA CPT
Kaged Muscle Athlete


Giant Set: Do each exercises back to back with no rest for one set. Do 5 sets total.

A. Incline Leg Raise (shown): 12 reps. Do as many of these as you can very slow with a 2-3 sec pause at the top peak contraction. Lift that hip as shown above if possible. Incorporate pause rest if necessary (rest 5-10 secs then continue reps). There will be a point where you cannot pause and just do what you can.

B. Spears: 12 reps. Lay on the ground with your legs straight up like at the top of a leg raise, this is starting position. Your arms should be pressing down on the ground. Lift your hip off the ground and stab your legs upward. At the top add a test to one side. On the next rep twist to the other side.

C. Lying Leg Raises w/twist: 15 reps. Do a normal leg raise but alternate twisting to each side at the top of each rep. Hold the top contraction for 1-2 counts, really squeeze, before lowering.

**With ab work you will get out of it what you put into it. When in doubt go slower. Hold and squeeze the contractions. Make each rep count.

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Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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