How I Cardio to Lean Out

These two photographs were taken exactly 2 weeks apart. The bottom one was taken just yesterday (Thurs, May 18). I also want you to know the background that I am 40 years old and have always been natural (no steroids, GH, test booster, or anything). The shows I compete at are natural and tested. This “leaning out” for my competition coming up in just 2 weeks is achieved by eating very clean and strict, heavy and intense weight sessions, and CARDIO! How I am eating and carb cycling is laid out in my previous two posts. My weight sessions are outlined in with video daily on my Snapchat (WittigWorks) and “Story”. So now the question is what kind of cardio am I doing? ALL the cardio! I do not prefer one type and will mix up steady state, HIIT, tabata, and more. A lot of what I do depends on the time I have and just how I feel.

Being two weeks out from a contest my cardio schedule is pretty intense at the moment. Here is how yesterday looked:

6:00am: Stationary Bike for 25 minutes after 1 scoop of whey protein.
2:00pm: Stair Master for 35 minutes after my weight session and 1 scoop of post workout Re-Kaged.

I am looking to do 55-60 minutes a day. Last week I was hitting 45 minutes. Each week I added another 5-10 minutes. I do cardio daily. Our body does need rest of weights, but not “moving” so cardio everyday. My morning cardio is typically always on the bike because it is in my bedroom šŸ˜‰ The afternoon cardio can vary though. Lately I am often on the stair master, but you might sometimes see me on the recumbent bike again or a rowing machine. I may not attempt the stairs after leg day for instance. If I don’t hit all my afternoon cardio time I may do a shorter 3rd session at the end of my day more HIIT like such as the follow:

HIIT Giant Set: Do each of these back to back with no rest for 1 round. Rest 60 seconds and do 4 rounds total.
1. Sledge Hammer: 15 reps each side
2. Sled Push: 2 laps or Box Jump 15 reps
3. Battle Ropes: 2 Tabata rounds (each 20 secs hard, 10 secs rest)
Superset: Do each of these back to back for 10 minutes straight no rest.
1. Battle Ropes: 2 Tabata rounds (each 20 secs hard, 10 secs rest)
2. Rowing Machine: 1 minutes

On weekends I don’t go to the gym, but prefer to do HIIT and jog at home. I will often do rounds of all out sprints combined with higher rep compound exercises using light dumb bells or resistance bands. Follow these weekend home workouts also on my Snapchat and Instagram Story (WittigWorks for both). I feel when it comes to cardio it’s not so much exactly what you do, but just getting that work in to burn calories.

My Kaged Muscle ‘Clean Burn’ and Hydracharge has helped make this cut easy. The Clean Burn helps me burn fat naturally from multiple pathways. I take 2 caps 30 minutes before each breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then the Hydracharge mixed with water and tastes great. A typically meal may look like the below and Yes I am sometimes still hungry. That is where my Hydracharge really kicks in. It tastes so good that I drink a good 20oz with each meal keeping me feeling full without the calories. It also helps with hydration and recovery. No banned substances. No artificial flavors, colors, or sugars. Get 15% off with my code “Wittig15”.

IMG_5960 (1)


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ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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