The Day I Won My IPE Pro Card!


Surprise, I won my natural IPE Pro card this last Saturday!

As most of you know two weeks ago I competed at a natural NANBF competition in Tulsa placing 1st in Masters Men’s Physique, 1st in Mr. Oklahoma, and 2nd in MP Open just missing my natural pro card. I was very blessed and thankful for the results…but, not satisfied. I found out after that show there was another pro qualifying show coming up two weeks later in Bentonville, AR. I kept my head down, put the work in, and prepared for this upcoming show on the down low only telling a few people. Yesterday I competed at the NW Arkansas Natural Championships coming in 1st in Classic Men’s Physique Open and 1st in Men’s Physique Tall earning my International Pro Elite Pro Card.

So on Snapchat and Instagram Story I posted a “fake day of events”. Some of you might have seen it. Here is the REAL documentary of the 24hrs surrounding this special day. At the end is part of the Snapchat “fake day”. Hope you enjoy.

The lesson here is never give up. When you miss the mark don’t despair, but learn from the experience, put in the necessary work to improve, and go for it again. Never stop.

I am really impressed by the quality events the natural organization NANBF put on all across the country. If you are interested in competing naturally I strongly recommend you check them out. What I like most is that everybody is nice and you leave with a good feeling despite how you do. They have divisions for all age and experience levels and professional opportunities.


This is all possible because of my Lord and Savior, wife Stacie for always supporting me, and the rest of my amazing family. Special thanks to JONNI SHREVE for helping me get in top shape for the Tulsa show which carried over to Arkansas, huge shout to John Gorman who then helped tweak things the week of the show and worked with me on posing and was there with me day of, everybody at the NANBF especially Steven Clausen and Joe Wilson, my friend and IPE pro Eric Murphy for his support and guidance. Many thanks to ALL my friends who are too numerous to name individually. You know who you are. All your support and daily encouragement mean so much to me.

Special thanks for my awesome sponsors who allow me to do what I love for a living: Kaged Muscle Supplements and Kris Gethin, Ryderwear – Gym & Street apparel, SWOLE O’clock, 6 Pack Fitness, and Gripped Fitness Audio.

I love you! This is just the beginning. This is also a lifestyle not just for titles and trophies.

Michael Wittig
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: Wittig Works






Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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