Leg Training with Kris Gethin


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit beautiful Boise, ID and train legs with Kris Gethin. If you don’t know of Kris he is a ‘International Trainer of the Year’, published author, Bodybuilding.com lead Spokesmodel, and CEO of Kaged Muscle Supplements among other titles. He is known for his focus, intensity, and work ethic in addition to the tattoos and mohawk. I first became aware of Kris Gethin while stumbling across one of his infamous DTP Leg workouts. On screen it was one of the nastiest workouts I had ever seen so of course I was excited to try it. Still to this day I have not experienced a more demanding workout. My respect for Kris and desire to learn more was in full motion. This eventually lead me to his Kaged Muscle Supplements which I am now proud to be an Official Athlete (No artificial flavors or colors. Superior, safe, and tested ingredients. The only supplements I can ethically recommend to my friends and followers). I took this trip very seriously and did a number of things to physically and mentally prepare. The day before our scheduled 6:00am leg workout I went by the gym in question (Axoim) and hit a Back/Biceps workout to get a feel for the gym. I made sure to eat a high carb dinner for fuel and tried to go to bed early. I woke up at 3:45am so I could a small breakfast far ahead of our workout and I arrived at the gym an hour early at 5:00am to warm up, stretch, and take my Pre-Kaged. During this workout I lifted a little heavier than normal, did a few more reps, and pushed myself to the limit. Surround yourself with others who will push you to become better and not drag you down.
This leg workout was filmed by Bodybuilding.com for the new trainer “Kris Gethin: Man of Iron” which I recommend you check out HERE. Our session should pop up in the new Week 13 going up tomorrow at Noon (MDT), or if I am wrong Week 14. Watch for it. View my VLOG of the entire trip and clips from the workout below. Then Subscribe to my Channel for much more to come.

Wittig fueled by Kaged Muscle Supplements. Get 15% off KagedMuscle.com with my code Wittig15.


Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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