Getting Raw with WWE

Some of my best memories with my dad before he passed away were our adventures going to WWE matches when I was in grade school. My father passed away when I was finishing up highschool. I didn’t watch wrestling much after that until I had sons of my own and took them to see a WWE PPV where The Rock fought Jon Cena. They both cried when Cena lost, but I introduced them to the awesomeness of The Rock. Yesterday was a truly special day as I was able to take my sons to see WWE live here in Tulsa as a guest of WWE star Apollo Crews.


(Those are real Wrestlemania 7 shirts I bought as a kid during that event dated 1991. If you watch the DVD of WM 7’s main event (Hulk vs Sgt. Slaughter) you can see me standing there in the front with a huge red Hulkamania banner my mom helped me make.)

Earlier that day Apollo, who was still traveling, inquired about a gym for some of the WWE guys to their workouts. So of course I went in for a Saturday workout and not only pumped my Chest/Delts/Abs/Hiit, but had the opportunity to meet many of the WWE athletes. Being a wrestling fan for most of my life this was just plain awesome to me. My wrestling friends call this “marking out”. All of the guys were extremely friendly, huge, and didn’t mess around with their gym work. Some of them had fairly big bruises and cuts on their face (and people say it’s fake). Here are some of the guys I was able to meet with yesterday:


(Elias and Jason Jordan)


(one of my favs Finn Balor)


(Luke Gallows wasn’t happy about taking a photo lol)


(The first WWE match my sons ever saw was Sheamus kicking Daniel Bryan and winning the title in 10 secs at a WM on PPV.)


(Maybe Dean Ambrose and I can re-start The Shield)?


(One of my favorites Roman Reigns, The Rock’s cousin).


(One of the most entertaining of the evening, R-Truth).

I hope the memories made last night stay with my sons as long as that time with my dad has with me. Thank you Apollo for making it such a special day all around.


(My friend Apollo Crews)


(We were THIS close. Best seats we’ve ever had)


-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
WWE Fan for Life

Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

2 thoughts on “Getting Raw with WWE”

  1. Amazing Article and great pics 🙂 ! Just a lil Info, the Instagram Site u tagged for Roman Reigns is just a Fansite, it´s not Roman. Roman Reigns is not on Instagram. Better tagg his Twitter 🙂


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