The World Championships

This is the memory I will have for many years of Nov 11, 2017 at the IPE World Championships. It may not have went down how I dreamed, but it went down perfectly.


Let’s back up 24hrs though…I was happy that my wife Stacie was able to join me for the trip to Kansas City for this competition. It was a nice little getaway for us and she was very supportive and encouraging (just scored some bonus points there 😉 I am extremely thankful to our parents Steve and Pat for coming down to watch our 4 children.

IMG_1791 (1)


We stayed at the “host” hotel which is extremely convenient because there is always lots to do the day before a contest and it all happens at the host hotel: registration, polygraph, spray tanning, and competitors meeting. What I love about the International Pro Elite is that they take natural competitions seriously and polygraph everybody as well as liquid testing for top placements.



Of course I could barely sleep the night before the contest. Between excitement, having to pee numerous times, and get up at 4:30am to start eating sleep was scarce. At that point I just stayed up to continue eating and prepare for the battle to come. Stacie and I showed up at the performing arts theatre around 7:30am Saturday, Nov 11th. What is great about the IPE organization is that it’s like a big family. While we are all mentally and physically preparing for the competition we are also hanging out and having a good time as the top photograph shows. The Pro Elite World Championships was the best of the best. They came from all over including Africa, Maryland, New York. Cayman Islands, Wisconsin, England, Canada, and more. Athletes had to qualify with top pro placings to even compete at this event. There were 15 other competitors in my Pro Men’s Physique class and it was stacked. All the guys had amazing physiques. I did not get a top placing, but I have zero regrets because I know I came in at my absolute best and hopefully inspired many along the way. It was an honor to be able to stand on the World stage with such amazing athletes.


Where the real fun and memories took place…


(My friend Eric Murphy who took 3rd at the Worlds)


(Top L: Anthony Pieper who took 2nd place at Worlds, B.L: Oscar Leon)


(Cyrus Russell from Africa)

Congratulations to all these guys. Special thanks to the International Pro Elite, John Arnold, Keith with HunterBodies Fitness for putting on a high-caliber event, a platform for natural athletes, and a friendly community. Thank you John with Team Gorman for your friendship and expert coaching. I am proud to be a part of all this.


(Right off stage from pre-judging with coach John Gorman)

Now it’s time to enjoy the coming holiday’s with family. It doesn’t stop here for me. This is a lifestyle and I will be back in the gym on Monday. What’s next for Wittig? I plan to keep inspiring, motivating, and working to better myself and this world. Specifically I need to finish my next ISSA personal trainer course (my 4th) and my new e-book trainer currently in progress. I will step on stage again in 2018. Thank you all for your amazing support and many messages I’ve been receiving before and after the show. You are loved.

Extremely Blessed,
Michael Wittig
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks



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ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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