Basic & Big: Week 1 Day 1

My “Basic and Big” 12-week ‘lean bulk’ trainer has begun! I am posting the workouts live daily on my Snapchat and IG Story (WittigWorks both). Then I will archive the videos on my Youtube in this “Basic and Big” playlist HERE. The guidelines and nutrition direction can be viewed HERE. Check this blog and my socials often for supplemental articles. I plan to go live on FB and IG (WittigWorks) at least twice a week Tues/Thurs ~1:30pm CT for a program Q&A. Let’s get BIG together.

Michael Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks

Day 1: Legs- Rep ranges 9-11
1. Squat: 2 warm ups 11 reps, 3 sets of 9-11 reps
2. Leg Press: 3 sets of 9-11 reps
3. DB Lunge 3 sets of 9-11 reps
4a. Superset Leg Extensions: 3 sets of 9-11 reps
4b. Superset Seated Leg Curls: 3 sets of 9-11 reps
5a. Superset Seated Calf Raise: 3 sets of 9-11 reps
5b Superset Hammer Uni-lateral Leg Curl: 3 sets of 9-11 reps
6. Calf Extension: 4 sets of 9-11 reps.

HIIT Cardio: Recumbent Bike Sprints- 20 secs high intensity/40 secs low intensity- 5 rounds.

Download the Basic & Big workouts in PDF format HERE.


Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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