Basic & Big: Week 2 Day 14: Evaluation

Week 2 Day 14: Active Rest & Evaluation

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Great job crushing Week 2 of “Basic & Big”. Things are only going to get BIGGER from here on out. It’s not supposed to be easy. Upon waking check and record your weight before food and drink. I recommend doing it only in your underwear and on the same scale. If you wish go the extra mile and take key measurements and take a progress photo. The more data you have the better decisions we can make with strategy moving forward.

I didn’t recommend making adjustments at the end of Week 1, but now that we are two weeks in it is time to evaluate and make possible adjustments to get personal progress on the road we would like. Here are the possible scenarios and my advice:

A. You are gaining around 0.5 to 1lb a week and digging progress. Muscle is building and fat gain is at a minimum.

Advice: Don’t change a damn thing. No need to change what is working.

B. My weight has not nudged at all. No weight gain muscle or fat.

Advice: Up calories by 200-300 (50-75g of carbs). Consider dropping two steady state cardio sessions this coming week.

C. My weight is going up too fast and I am gaining body fat.

Advice: Either back calories down 150-200 (35-50g of carbs) and/or add 5 mins to each steady state cardio session and 2-3 rounds to HIIT sessions.

Make small adjustments rather than drastic. Better to stick the course and go slow then skipping around all over the place. Commit. Flip flopping only results in no results. If you have any major questions or concerns here join me when I go live on IG Story Tuesday and Thursday around 1:30pm Central (this time might change slight based on my day). Rest up and relax today. Tomorrow starts Week 3 and we get heavy lifting in the 5-7 rep range. Get a good nights sleep because you are going to need it 😉

Get started at any time. Program guidelines and nutrition direction can be viewed HERE.

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Michael Wittig is a nationally recognized (Flex, M&F, Train Magazines) ISSA certified trainer with hundreds of client training hours logged, published author of 5 programs, IPE Natural Pro, and a Kaged Muscle and Ryderwear Athlete.


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