Daily Nutrition: Lean Bulk Edition

I get asked often how I am eating to keep the condition I hold while building muscle. Since we are at the end of Week 3 of my free “Basic & Big” 12-week lean bulk trainer I thought this would be a good time to give you another nutrition breakdown. Last Sunday was evaluation day and decided at that time to drop my 3 steady state cardio sessions (15 mins each), keep my 3 HIIT sessions, and add 50g of carbs daily to continue making my desired progress. It worked out great as I am up 1lb this week which was my goal. Below is what a typical day of my personal nutrition looked like this last week. I plan to continue eating this way this coming week until next weekends evaluation.

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-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete

My Daily Nutrition for Week 3 & 4 of “Basic & Big” while lean bulking:

5:00am: Upon waking
Glass of water
1 scoop whey

6:30am: Breakfast
1 cup Kodiak Cakes
Sprinkle of crushed walnuts
5 blackberries
Real syrup (just a little 🙂
Supplements: multi-vitamin, 2 Clean Burn, 1 Purcaf

7:00am: Breakfast 2
2 whole eggs and 5 whites

10:30am: Pre-workout
1 scoop Pre-Kaged

11:00am: Start of workout
1 scoop whey + 10g dextrose

1 scoop In-Kaged (sip until end of workout)

1:00pm: Post workout
1 scoop Re-Kaged + 20g dextrose

2:00pm: Lunch (1 hr after workout)
8oz lean protein (chicken, turkey, lean beef)
2 cups veggies
1 cup white (dry measure)
2 rice cakes
Supplement: 2 Clean Burn, Purcaf

5:00pm: Snack
1 cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt
Sprinkle of crushed walnuts
Light honey drizzle
2 rice cakes

7:00pm: Dinner
8oz lean protein
2 cups veggies
Carb: 1 cup white or sweet potato equivalent
Supplement: 2 Clean Burn

10:00pm: Before Bed
1 scoop Kasein (slow digesting protein)

Wittig is fueled exclusively by Kaged Muscle Supplements. Third party tested. Banned substance free. No artificial flavors or colors. There are NO alternatives. Get 15% off KagedMuscle.com with my code “Wittig15”. Get the gift of gains!


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ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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