Extreme Load Training E.L.T.


Extreme Load Training will be my legacy. I am not saying this is a completely unique method of training. But it is a combination of a few of my favorite high intensity techniques (Pause-Rest and Negatives) organized in a systematic way to ensure maximum overload. Being a 41 year old, all-natural athlete I have to push the boundaries to get the results I want to be competitive at a international Pro level and to hold my own against these youngsters. I introduce to you Extreme Load Training, or E.L.T., for short. E.L.T. involves taking advantage of the ATP our body regenerates during a short ‘pause-rest’ to not only do more reps, but with increased weight. Oh, and there might be increased weight negative repetition involved. Here is a sample of how E.L.T. sets should go:

Bench Press (Smith Machine): Extreme Load Training

Warm up: Lighter weight for 12 easy reps.

Set 1: Start with a weight for 10-12 reps at failure.

Set 2: Increase weight for 8-10 reps. Pause-rest (no more than 10 secs) while increasing weight by 10lb total for another 1-2 reps.

Set 3: Increase weight for 6-8 (where you left off last set after the weight increase). Pause-rest and increase weight by another 10lbs for 1-2 reps. Then perform a 2nd pause rest. If you hit 2 reps on the last set increase weight another 10lbs for 1-2 final reps. Otherwise hold weight for another 1-2 reps.

Set 4: Increase weight for 5-6 reps. Repeat everything from Set 3, but after that last rep increase the weight by 10-20lbs for a very slow negative. If you are training alone like I use the Smith Machine so you can catch it at the bottom. If you are so inclined stand up, raise the weight, and do 1 final slow negative.

I have tricks to do the final negative for many exercises. Watch my E.L.T. videos on Youtube.com/WittigWorks for the next 3 weeks to see how I do it. Note: Only do the negative portion of E.L.T. if you feel safe and comfortable. The system is intense enough without the negatives. Any questions you can always email me. Michael@WittigWorks.com.

Time to get EXTREME!

Start my 12-week ‘lean bulk’ trainer “Basic & Big” anytime from Day 1 HERE! Daily videos and downloadable PDF’s included. E.L.T. starts at Week 10.

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks

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ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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