Managing Cheat Meals

Even while cutting I still have ways to incorporate my favorite foods like Mexican, Pizza, and other treats. The secret is to make it all part of the plan versus eating on the whim. Having my favorite foods at the right times makes dieting easy for me and actually helps the fat burning process. My “Diamond Cutter” program uses a ‘gentle’ carb cycle. My last article covered what a typical ‘medium’ carb day looks like for me. View that HERE. I am currently having one cheat meal weekly which is going to typically be Mexican or Pizza. Here are the steps I take to incorporate these meals into my overall plan for success:

  • High Carb Day: I have my cheat meal on Saturday which is also strategically a higher carb day.
  • HIIT Cardio: Saturday is also a HIIT cardio day which is part of the strategy to keep the metabolism burning hot.
  • Drop Supplement Carbs: I personally have 30g of dextrose around my gym sessions (10g at the beginning and 20g in my post workout Re-Kaged). I do not add these carbs around my Saturday home workouts even though they are intense. I do keep my other workout supplements the same: Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, and Re-Kaged).
  • Lower Carb Lunch: Even though its a high carb day I keep lunch very low carb typically sticking to 2 cups veggies and 8-10oz of lean protein.


Following these steps allows me to eat out with the family and basically get whatever I want within reason. Here are my favorite cheat meals and further steps I take:

  • Carne Asada Street Tacos, borracho beans, and chips n’ salsa: I order this from my favorite place down the street because it’s amazing. I do limit the number of chips I eat by placing a set amount on my plate versus eating from the bag/basket. I order borracho beans instead of refried beans. I love carne asada street tacos and they don’t come with cheese which keeps the fat content down.
  • Pizza: My favorite is always pepperoni. I go with thin crust to keep carbs to a minimum. But since pizza is higher fat and carbs I will generally eat some veggies and drink some water with Kaged Muscle Hydracharge before the pizza comes so I am not absolutely starving and overeat.
  • Donuts: If I have a few donuts Saturday or Sunday morning I will skip any other carbs for breakfast and typically lunch too.
  • Killer KC Strip Steak: I do not really consider this a cheat meal. I will actually have these on my off-low carb Sunday’s for dinner just like you see below. The rest of that day is absolutely clean and low carb. I pick the cut and cook it at home myself. I can honestly say it tastes better than any restaurant. Between the Saturday cheat meal and the killer steak sticking 100% to plan the rest of the week is easy and the fat just falls off me.

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks

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Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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