“Dumbbell Devastator: Optimum Transformation” coming in November!


Big Wittig Announcement! Due to a marketing time line change my home trainer ‘Krib Karnage’ with my Kaged Muscle is getting pushed back a bit. Once we know that firm release date you will be the first to know. BUT Wittig promised you all a home trainer and I plan to deliver. So get ready for “Dumbbell Devastator: Optimum Transformation”. FORGET Jan 1st and New Years Resolutions. We are going to make life changes together starting now. 

This FREE program can be done at home or anywhere using light dumbbells, resistance bands, body weight and a combination of them all. I plan to transform your physique by building muscle and cutting you up. Perfect for beginners to advanced, men or women. This program can be a supplement to your gym work or a complete stand alone. I will be providing daily PDF’s, daily videos, nutrition guidance, and live Q&A opportunities each week. Will this program be better than “Krib Karange” The answer is no because they will BOTH be awesome.

The ‘Transformer Transformation Challenge”

Along with this program I will be running a transformation challenge that will be open to everybody world-wide with over $1500 in prizes to the winner. Registration for the challenge begins on Nov 15th and will officially run Nov 26 to Dec 23. So we are talking right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. Instead of letting ourselves go and waiting until January 1st we will get a kick start to the New Year by being awesome now. Details for the my Transformer Challenge will be posted Nov 15th. You will just need to email me at Michael@WittigWorks.com with “Transformer Challenge” in the title, let me know you are in, and include tasteful “before” photos (front, side, back). Submissions for the challenge will be accepted now until Nov 25th. Prizes will include cash, Ryderwear apparel, Swole O’Clock watch, Kaged Muscle Supplements, Fitmark meal management bag, Gripped Fitness Audio headphones, Kodiak Cake gift box, 3-months of online training with me OR in-person workout with me (restrictions apply), and an ISSA personal training course scholarship. Specific details for the my Transformer Challenge will be posted Nov 15th.

Here are the important dates and what you will need to get the most out of the program:

Important Dates: 

Now: Start gathering the very small amount of equipment you will need and supplements. Both are listed below.

Nov 15: The program guidelines, nutrition, supplement list, and first week or two of workouts will be posted as well as the fine details to the “Transformer Transformation Challenge”.

Nov 15 to Nov 25: Registration for the transformation challenge will be accepted. You can register early now if you wish.

Nov 26: The Devastator program and challenge officially begins.

Dec 22: The final workout of the Devastator will go down.

Dec 23: Program wrap up and final weigh-in.

What you will need:

  • Resistance bands: I personally use Ripcords and really recommend the full set with the door attachment. Any bands can really work, but this set is awesome. I am not endorsed or associated with Ripcords. I have just enjoyed using them for the last 10+ years. You can find them on Amazon.


  • Light Dumbbells: I would recommend the hard hexagon type over rounded. They lay flat on the ground when needed and can be pressed together more easily. On the minimum try to have a pair of 5’s, 10’s, and 15’s. If you have heavier that is even better. Remember this: There is a trick way to hold a 5 along side a 15 to make a 20 and so on. The smaller dumbbells like these can be picked up at Walmart fairly inexpensively.
  • Furniture Floor Sliders: These can be found at Walmart or Target and are made to put under heavier furniture for easy moving. Well, we are going to put our heavy bodies on them and do all kinds of exercises. These work great on carpeted areas. Note that in some cases hand towels or even socks will work on smooth, hard floor surfaces.


  • Supplements: I will be posting all the nutrition details for this program on Nov 15th, but I want to give you a heads up on my highly recommended supplement list if you wish to do everything to the maximum. Remember nutrition and working out are always priority. If those things are in place the proper supplements will help you work harder and recover faster. I only use Kaged Muscle Supplements because they are third party tested, properly labeled, and effectively dosed. Here is what am taking now and will be taking during the program: Re-Kaged (post workout), Pre-Kaged (pre-workout), whey isolate (extra protein and cooking), Hydracharge Glutamine (to go in the Hydracharge), and Kasein protein (before bed). I do take other Kaged products, but these would be the most effective. Get 15% off KagedMuscle.com with my code “Michael15”. Using my code helps me to continue creating free programs for you all.


While minimum equipment will be needed I promise you we will get maximum results. I am excited to share my knowledge and passion for fitness with you all so you can be your best going into 2019. If you plan on doing the Devastator please help me get the word out and share this news with your friends. Tag me @WittigWorks and use the hashtag #DBDevestator. Time to Transform Let’s Rollout!

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks

Michael Wittig is a nationally recognized (Flex, M&F, Train Magazines) ISSA certified trainer, published author of 5 programs, produced 3 daily video trainers (Basic & Big, Extreme Load Training, Diamond Cutter), IPE Natural Pro 3x Champion and Master World Champion (Men’s Physique), and a sponsored Athlete with Kaged Muscle Supplements, Ryderwear, and Swole O’Clock.


Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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