“Dumbbell Devastator” 4-week Program Guidelines

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My intentions when writing this 4-week program was to give you a pathway to literally transform your body and health anywhere, anytime with minimal equipment. This program can be done at home, gym, or hotel room. Excuses are now not excused. You can do this as a supplement to your regular gym work or completely as a stand alone. I designed this program to be effective for a beginner as well the highly experienced. It’s perfect for both men and women. Don’t think for a second that because this is a home trainer I will let you off easy. If anything because of the creativity involved in this program I will push your limits and take you places you maybe have not gone before. My motive is never to destroy people with my workouts, but help them be their best by challenging their physical and mental capacity. Prepare to be challenged!

Let me share just a little bit about me your trainer. I am a husband of 18 years and father of four firstly. After my long career in the music industry as bassist for the Christian rock band Pillar I jumped head first into my other passion in life which has always been fitness. I am a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer with multiple certifications who works at Elite Training Tulsa (Tulsa, OK, USA) on a daily basis as head trainer and manager as well as my personal online platform (WittigWorks). I was recently recognized by ISSA as their Honor Graduate in 2018 out of 300,000 trainers world-wide. I am also a IPE Natural Pro 3x champion and World Champion competing in Pro Men’s Physique. I do this 100% naturally at highly tested events at age 42 against many half my age. I am a sponsored athlete with some of the best companies in the fitness industry including Kaged Muscle Supplements, Ryderwear, Swole ‘Oclock, Kodiak Cakes, and Fitmark Bags.

The nutrition aspect of this program is geared towards transforming your body by lowering body fat and holding if not building lean muscle. I highly suggest taking a ‘De-load’ week before starting this program: workout at 60% volume and weight stopping before failure.

I look forward to seeing and hearing about all your hard work. Please tag me on social media daily as you work through this program: @WittigWorks #DBDevastator.

Annihilate to Motivate,
Michael Wittig


Dumbell Devastator program PDF’s Here:

PDF’s with photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YxOJ2jlg-d6JCo5YHgdxxrnbuBHNzodR

PDF’s with no photoshttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bm_ScS4jdU9O8SmqwyjyfJr24IUW7XRX

*More PDF’s will be added each week.

Please do this: If you are hitting the program please share, tag, and talk about it on social media as much as possible. We are talking Facebook, Instagram, Story, Snapchat, etc. Tag me at WittigWorks on all socials and use the hashtag #DBDevastator and #WittigWorks Then I can follow all of your progress. This is a team effort!

Recommended Equipment: Here is a list of some minimal equipment that would be ideal for this program and just to have at home in general. Some of these are great for travel as well.

  • Light Dumbbells: I would recommend the hard hexagon type over rounded. They lay flat on the ground when needed and can be pressed together more easily. On the minimum try to have a pair of 5’s, 10’s, and 15’s. If you have heavier that is even better. Remember this: There is a trick way to hold a 5 along side a 15 to make a 20 and so on. The smaller dumbbells like these can be picked up at Walmart fairly inexpensively.


  • Resistance bands: I personally use Ripcords and really recommend the full set with the door attachment. Any bands can really work, but this set is awesome. I am not endorsed or associated with Ripcords. I have just enjoyed using them for the last 10+ years. You can find them on Amazon.


  • Furniture Floor Sliders: These can be found at Walmart or Target and are made to put under heavier furniture for easy moving. Well, we are going to put our heavy bodies on them and do all kinds of exercises. These work great on carpeted areas. Note that in some cases hand towels or even socks will work on smooth, hard floor surfaces.


The Schedule: Below is the split that will be used for this program. Shift the days as needed, but I recommend keeping this order. This is a 4-week long program. 

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Back/Biceps/Abs
Wednesday: Chest/Triceps/Delts
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Upper Body
Saturday: HIIT/Abs
Sunday: Off

Cardio: Since this program has a transformation challenge upon launch we will be a little more aggressive with cardio than some of my other programs. Steady State times will increase weekly as well as the number of HIIT rounds. I suggest always doing HIIT immediately after your workout session. Steady state cardio can be done after workouts or at another time of day.

Week 1 cardio protocol:

Monday: 20 mins steady state
Tuesday: HIIT 7 rounds
Wednesday: 20 mins steady state
Thursday: HIIT 7 rounds
Friday: 20 mins steady state
Saturday: HIIT 7 rounds
Sunday: Off (Active Rest)

Week 2: 25 mins steady state; HIIT 8 rounds.
Week 3: 30 mins steady state; HIIT 9 rounds.
Week 4: 35 mins steady state; HIIT 10 rounds.

I do have a treadmill and recumbent bike at my house, but I know this is not the case for everyone. Use what you have access too. If you have nothing jogging or brisk walking will work for your steady state cardio. My go-to HIIT rounds at home might be recumbent bike, outside sprints, or more creative in-home moves some of which I will share with you guys. My HIIT rounds are typically 30 secs all out and 30 secs rest. I may vary that up a tad depending on what I am doing, but each round and rest period is typically one minute.

Guidelines and Nutrition

The Guidelines:

Journal: I highly recommend that you keep a exercise journal noting the day, workout, exercises, sets, reps, and resistance used (color of resistance band). Be as detailed as possible.

Mine typically looks like:
Date, Body part: 

1. Exercise: reps/weight reps/weight reps/weight
2. Exercise: reps/weight reps/weight reps/weight

Sleeping: Do your best to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. You will be working hard and putting a significant strain on your body. The recovery process is just as important as the exercise.

Resistance Selection: Use a resistance that allows you to keep proper form and hit near muscular failure around the rep ranges indicated. If a weight is too light or too heavy continue to failure, but adjust the resistanceaccordingly on the next set. It’s ok to repeat a set if the weight was way too heavy or too light. Keep your journal accurate so you can select the correct weight in future workouts. Since we are working at home and are limited on heavy resistance we will incorporate slower tempos. This program will be unique because you can go quite heavy when combining lighter dumbbells with resistance bands together.

Warming up: It’s always a good idea to warm up before exercise to prevent injury and perform better. I will typically jog or ride a stationary bike for 5 minutes before intense exercise.

Stretching: Stretching for a few minutes after your warm up is also a good idea especially before working your legs or back. I always spend time on my lower back and hamstrings.

Breathing: You should exhale while exerting force and inhale while performing the negative. Never hold your breath while doing resistance training.

Imbalances: Many people including myself have strength imbalances. One arm might be stronger than the other. Always let your weaker side dictate the resistance and number of reps. Don’t ever do more reps on your stronger side. If you are doing unilateral exercises start with your weaker side. Eventually, your strength levels will even out. Make sure you are using proper form on your weaker side otherwise lower the weight.

Weekly Weigh-in: Before you start this program weigh yourself and take key measurements including calves, thighs, waist, chest, and arms. Note these in your workout journal. Do this first thing in the morning upon waking before food and water. Weigh-in’s should be done weekly on Sunday mornings wearing only underwear.

Adding Extra Gym Work: While not mandatory some of you may be doing this program as a supplement to your gym work. If this is the case I would recommend keeping the extra lifting volume low and lift heavier after warm ups. Stick to the same split and work the same muscles. I would recommend 2-3 exercises, 4-5 sets of each, all in the 6-8 rep range for larger muscle groups. Stick to the bigger compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench press, incline press, barbell rows, etc.


How we eat is the foundation of any fitness program. This is often the most difficult part for many. If you can put your head down and be consistent all your hard work pay off with results. We will be eating high protein, low fat, and cycling carbs gently. Our bodies need all the macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. I recommend determining food intake by macronutrient amounts. Read labels and use Google to figure out what macronutrient profile your food contains.

Protein: 1.25 grams per pound of body weight
Carbs: Low Off day: 0.75g, Med: 1.0g, High: 1.25g
Fats: 0.25g
*1 pound = 0.454 kg

If you are overweight, out of shape, and over 230lbs use 230 for your calculations until you are below 230lbs. If you are over 230lbs, but muscular, use your own body weight.

Monday: High Carbs
Tuesday: Medium Carbs
Wednesday: Medium Carbs
Thursday: High Carbs
Friday: Medium Carbs
Saturday: Medium Carbs
Sunday: Low Off

*We will have weekly check-in’s on Sundays to evaluation progress and I will make recommendations on adjustments based on your results.

*Muscle Builder Add-on: Some of you have expressed interest in using this program to build muscle rather than cut. In this case I would recommend follow the macros listed below, do less cardio, and consider the additional gym work option mentioned above keeping volume low and lifting heavy.

Protein: 1.5 grams per pound of body weight
Carbs: 1.75g, Off day: 1.25g.
Fats: 0.40g
*1 pound = 0.454 kg

Nutrition Guidelines:
1. Drink more water. The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake of water is roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups or 1 gallon) per day. I try to drink at least 1 gallon a day.

2. Avoid processed foods. This includes most things in boxes, cans, and wrappers. My exception to the rule is Kodiak Cake products made with 100% whole wheat. I use their mixes very often especially on my high carb days.

3. Minimize salt, sugar, or butter. Use natural seasonings whenever possible.

4. Spread your meals, snacks, and shakes out over 6-8 servings a day. Upon waking try to eat every 2-3 hours. You should bring in more calories before high energy events. Fewer calories before long periods of sitting or sleeping.

5. Regarding ‘Cheat Meals’: I do give myself 1-2 cheat meals a week up until two weeks before a contest. But feel free to be hardcore and have zero. That is up to you eat and drink whatever you want until you are comfortably full. Plan ahead and eat a little less before and after these planned cheat meals. I will typically have this on my High carb day.

6. The key to eating healthy and bringing in the proper amount of food on a daily basis is proper planning. Always think ahead and make sure you have the foods available and prepared before you run into trouble. Consider a meal management bag so you are always prepared. I highly recommend FitMarkBags.com. Get 15% off all orders with my code “Wittig15”.

7. Drinking a high quality Whey protein shake immediately after workouts is always a good idea for recovery. I personally take Kaged Muscle’s Re-Kaged after every workout. More information on this in the supplement section below.

8. Try to avoid fast food unless it is for a planned cheat meal. Even the “healthy” choices are typically not very healthy.

9. Eating properly and exercising with intensity are priority. If you are doing both of those things some supplements can help assist with your goals. They are not a requirement, but can definitely help. Read the Supplement section for my recommendations.

Part articles and videos you might find useful:

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My Go-To Lean Snacks

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My Daily Nutrition



I have never taken steroids or any illegal performance enhancing drugs and do not recommend that you consider taking them. I exercise for health first and then physique. Supplements can help you reach your goals if you are working out with intensity and eating properly. Let me put it this way, “Extra-ordinary lifestyle requires extra-ordinary nutrition”. I am honored to an official Athlete for Kaged Muscle supplements. When I stand behind any company it’s because I am personally passionate about it. Read the Supplement guidelines below to see what I am personally taking and recommend.

Here is why I am a Kaged Muscle Athlete:

  • Manufactured in FDA inspected and NSF certified facility.
  • Banned substance free- BSCG certified.
  • 3rd party tested for label accuracy.
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or dyes.

  • High quality ingredients. 
  • Every ingredient and dosage is on the label.

Get 15% off everything Kagedmuscle.com with my code “Michael15”. If you dig and appreciate this trainer please use my code as it helps me and allows me to continue releasing free trainers to you.


Re-Kaged:Fast digesting whey protein. Drink immediately after workouts and sometimes between meals when you are in tight situations. These macros are calculated in my daily intake. If you can only get one supplement this is what I recommend.

Pre-Kaged: Pre-workout primer. Drink30 minutes before workouts. I have been taking Pre-Kaged for over two years now and have never had to cycle off. It still hits me just right everyday.

In-Kaged: Takes off when Pre-Kaged starts to taper down. Start sipping about 15mins into your workout until the final sets. This is what I drink during my own home workouts.

Whey Isolate: I always have one scoop of whey upon waking and another scoop at the very beginning of my workout.

Hydra charge: I often drink this in 16-20oz of water with meals and following to make sure I stay hydrated and keep me from over eating. I will often add a scoop of Glutamine, Citrulline, and Creatine HCL.

Clean Burn: Metabolism booster and attacks fat loss at multiple angles. I have two caps with each breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I always take Clean Burn when cutting for contest prep.

Ferodrox: New testosterone support matrix. Ideal for men/women over the age of 30 to help boost natural testosterone production. I used this during my last contest preparation and definitely felt a difference in strength and overall vitality especially during the weeks leading up to a contest when body fat is at it’s lowest which typically causes a dip in testosterone.

Kasein: Slow digesting protein ideal to drink before bed to help prevent muscle breakdown while sleeping. The chocolate is bomb. These macros are calculated in my daily intake.

In addition to these Kaged Muscle products also take the following:

Multi-vitamin: There are several brands I trust and I take these in the morning with breakfast.

Vitamin C: I’ve gotten in the habit of taking an extra 1000mg daily to keep my immune system functioning at it’s highest level.

Dextrose: I add 10g into my whey isolate at the beginning of my workout and another 20g in my post-workout Re-Kaged. These carbs are included in my total daily macro count.


Dumbbell Devastator FAQS:

  • Is this program free? Are there any strings attached? It is absolutely free with no strings attached. Feel free to share it with your family and friends.
  • Where can I find the program? I will have links to the program on WittigWorks.com and all my socials (WittigWorks) including a link in my IG profile. Start at the program “Guidelines”. There are links to the Drive folder with all the daily PDF’s and Youtube Playlist with all the daily videos. The program will be posted November 15.
  • Do I have to participate in the “Transformer Challenge” to do Dumbbell Devastator? No, the program is open to anybody to do at anytime. The Challenge is completely optional.
  • Is this only for men? No, this program is for men and women both.
  • What is the focus of this program? I originally designed it as a cutting program, but because of requests I included a few ‘add-on’s’ to use it as a muscle builder.
  • How long are the workouts? Approximately 45 minutes depending on the day and time you take for rest periods in addition to cardio which can be done at separate times of the day.
  • What If I don’t have access to a gym? This program was designed to be done anywhere with minimal equipment. You do not need a gym. But you can do the program at a gym if you wish.
  • If I have access to heavy dumbbells do I need to get bands as well? I recommend using the bands as well. Bands add a different kind of resistance that you will feel. Use both as recommended.
  • Do I have to use supplements? No, results are not dependent on supplements. Your nutritionand workout intensity will always be the most important, but if those things are in place the proper supplements, like Kaged Muscle, can help. There is a reason I use them.
  • What if I have a particular medical condition and have to eat a certain way? Always talk to your doctor and listen to their guidance first and foremost.
  • What if I have a injury or limited range of motion and cannot do some of the exercises?Always talk to your doctor and listen to their guidance first and foremost. Then modify based on your doctor or therapists suggestions.
  • Is this program for advanced or beginners? This program is for everybody at all levels of fitness. Some may need to modify an exercise here or there. If one is really strong use a heavier gauged band and heavier dumbbells. If the extra resistance is sometimes too much use just a light bandor even just body weight. Adjust this program as necessary, but always challenge yourself.
  • What if some of the exercises are above my ability level? Modify and adjust the program as necessary. I will often have notes on how to lower the difficulty of an exercise.
  • What if I have a question about the program that is not answered here? You can always email me at Michael@WittigWorks.com.
  • Will you be going live at all to answer program questions? Yes, I plan to go live between Nov 15 until Dec 23 at least three times a week. Watch for me on my IG (WittigWork) to catch those sessions.
  • Where can I get information on the optional Transformer Transformation Challenge: My optional challenge with over $1500 in prizes runs Nov 26 to Dec 23, 2018. Information can be found HERE.

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