The Calves Buster

Every once in a while I hit a workout so intense, nasty, and effective I just have to share it on a grand scale. This last calf workout was one of those. Calves have been a weak area for me so I have made them a priority for the last several years with great progress. If calves are a lagging muscle group for you give this workout a go. I suggest hitting calves at least twice weekly and do this workout at the very beginning of your leg day while you are full energy and focus.

1. Seated Calf Raise: 5 sets of 30,25,20,15,10.
2. Standing Calf Raise: 5 sets of 8-10 reps.
3. Hack Calf Raises: 5 sets of 10,15,20,25,30.
(Note: Using a Hack Squat machine.)


Calf development tips:
A. Rest no more than 45-60secs between sets.
B. Regularly stretch your calves between sets.
C. Take slower negatives- lower the weight slowly. Get full bottom stretches on each rep and pause for several counts. Power up to a top contraction and pause. Controlling the tempo like this makes all the difference.

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-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro 3X Champ
Kaged Muscle Athlete

Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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