Why Diets Don’t Work

(This is an article I wrote for my sponsor Fitmark Bags)

When people think of dieting they visualize being hungry, eating the same tasteless food, and avoiding all their favorite treats. This is also why diets don’t work! Rather than a short-term diet we should strive to make overall lifestyle changes. Yes, some of these changes might be difficult at first, but we create good habits just like we do bad habits, by repetition. When we make changes to our lifestyle not only will we get healthy and stay healthy, but the process will be much easier. Imagine the concept of eating as much quality food as you can while losing body fat and keeping lean muscle. Here are a few reasons why diets don’t work:

Not enough calories: In a sincere effort to lose fat some people drastically cut their calories with no principle or guidance While this might cause an initial loss in ‘weight’, which is different than fat, it could eventually result in a loss of lean muscle and a slowing down of the metabolism making it near impossible to lose more fat or get any further results. Solution: Eat in a clean calorie deficit just below your maintenance level to start then make slow reductions only when necessary. There are ‘daily calorie’ calculators online and apps like MyFitnessPal.com which can help you figure out your daily calorie needs.

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