“Transformer Transformation Challenge 2019” starting soon. Register now!


Let’s start the New Year at our best and NOT wait to start! 

It’s almost time for my annual “Transformer Transformation Challenge”! Over $1500 in prizes. Last year it took place between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. The concept was to NOT wait until Jan 1st to start getting healthy, but to start now so you can start the New Year at your best. My transformation challenge will give you my expert guidance, incentive, accountability, and clear instructions to earn your best results. Last year’s Grand Prize Winner, Terry Turner, dropped 21lbs in 4 weeks and was featured in Train Magazine.

Terry Turner F

Here is the general information for my “Transformer Transformation Challenge 2019”:

  • Registration: Will take place Nov 25 to Dec 1st. Email the following information to Michael@WittigWorks.com with “Transformation Challenge” in the title: Full name, mailing address, Instagram and Facebook URL, Age, weight, height, which of the 3 program choices you will be doing for the challenge, and Front & Back ‘Before’ photos. Please make a strong effort to make the photos clear, good lighting, no filters (no shirt & shorts for males. Sports bra and shorts for ladies or whatever you are most comfortable doing). This is open to men and women world-wide. You must be at least 18 years old. 
  • Challenge dates: Mon, Dec 2 to Dec 29 (4 weeks long)
  • Program choices: You will be able to pick one of the following programs to do during the 4-week challenge: Dumbbell Devastator, Krib Karnage, or the first four weeks of Diamond Cutter.
  • Winners: One Grand Prize winner and two Runner-Ups will be chosen by my team and I based on before/after photos, weight changes, but also a short essay about how this challenge has impacted you. The winners will not be based on who loses the most, but the most dramatic transformation and the essay.
  • Grand Prize: $500 cash, train with Wittig (in person or online), S-Force watch, Fitmark Envoy duffle ‘meal management’ bag ($160 value), Ryderwear gear ($250), ISSA (personal training certification) scholarship ($799 value), Kaged Muscle supplement stack, Gym Reapers package, Kodiak Cakes package, Wittig Works exclusive “No Wimping” shirt, my ebook program collection, Train Magazine feature. Prizes subject to change.
  • (2) Runner-up Prize: 3 months of online training ($750 value), Kaged Muscle PIP stack,  “No Wimping” shirt, my ebook program collection. Prizes subject to change.
  • All winners will be picked and announced by January 6th, 2020.

More information will drop next week and registration official begins Nov 25th. Who is ready to Transform!

Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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