Maximize Your Workout: Split it Up!


Doing something is better than nothing. This is a true statement when it comes to ones fitness. Walking around the block is always going to be better than sitting on the couch. Going to the gym even twice a week is better than nothing at all. In an ideal, perfect world we are all being active to some degree every single day. But life isn’t always perfect and our time is limited between work, family, and other obligations. A busy life shouldn’t mean we give up on our fitness altogether. It’s important to make the most of our situation. There is no one magic way to workout, or super special routine that works better than all others. The best workouts are the ones you can do consistently. I always recommend starting with a fitness program you can stick with time and frequency wise versus over committing and getting burned out. Then as the results start coming and motivation rises you can always increase your activity. Consistency is more important then trying to go all out and do everything perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you workout six times a week at an hour each session for 3 months then quit. I’d rather see you workout three times a week at 30 minutes for the rest of your life.

When it comes to working out and deciding what parts of the body to work and on what days, there are lots of options. This concept of working specific muscle groups on certain days is called a ‘Split’. You are splitting up the body into either upper body, lower body, or even more specifically like chest, back, or arms. I am going to share some of the most common types of splits as well as a few of my personal favorites. It’s a good idea to change your ‘Split’ up every now and then for variety. I have the splits arranged by how many days you are able to workout in a week. These are definitely not all the possibilities. There really are no rules to designing splits, but do allow for muscle groups to rest and then find what works best for your body.

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