My Quarantine Cut

Despite this pandemic I started my 2020 contest preparation cut three weeks ago. Right now I have a few shows in later July in my sights, but of course I’ll have to play it by ear depending on how the country is doing. Physically and mentally I will be ready. I wanted to give you all some insight into what my cutting protocol has been these first three weeks. My workouts are always transparent and go up in there entirety daily on my The training is always intense so the main elements that change when cutting revolve around cardio and nutrition.


Current Cardio Schedule:
Monday: Steady State rowing 15 minutes
Tuesday: HIIT Battle Ropes 5 minutes (30 secs hard/30 secs rest)
Wednesday: Steady State incline treadmill 15 minutes
Thursday: HIIT Assault Bike (20 secs hard/40 secs mild)
Friday: Steady State rowing 15 minutes
Saturday: HIIT body weight (burpees, mountain climbers, high knees, etc) 5 minutes (30 secs hard/30 secs rest).
Sunday: Off day. Might go for an easy walk outside with the family.

*These shorter cardio sessions work because I deliberately stopped doing all cardio about 6 weeks before my cut.

As always when cutting I do a gentle carb cycle. Fasting and other methods are too extreme for me personally. My goal is to retain as much muscle as possible and not suffer needlessly.

Current Carb Cycle:
Monday: Medium
Tuesday: Medium
Wednesday: Medium
Thursday: Medium
Friday: High
Saturday: Medium
Sunday: Low off day

Typical Medium Carb Day:
Breakfast: Chocolate peanut better oatmeal made with KM whey isolate, 2 whole eggs, 4 whites, Kaged Muscle Hydracharge with glutamine, creatine (KM Creaclear), probiotics, multi-vitamin, fish oil, extra vitamin C & D, KM Ferodrox testosterone support.

Pre-Workout: Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged 30 minutes before workout.

Intra-Workout: 1 scoop KM whey isolate with 20 grams of dextrose during first 10 minutes of workout, then KM In-Kaged 10-15 minutes into workout until the final set.

Post-Workout: Kaged Muscle Re-Kaged.

Lunch: 8oz of lean protein, 1 cup rice, cup of raw veggies and berries.

Dinner: 8oz of lean protein, 50g of any carbs, KM Hydrachrage, extra vitamin C & D, Fish Oil, and green tea.

Before bed: 1 scoop of Kaged Muscle Kasein protein.

*Get 15% off everything with my code “Michael15”. Third-party tested. No artificial colors or flavors. Fermented and patented ingredients. Wittig approved! 


Author: wittigworks

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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