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Most of you know by now that I don’t mess around when it comes to home workouts. My weekly home workouts have become habitual for me and my people. When the pandemic closed down gyms for a few months earlier this year I excelled and got creative. This last week we had a lot of snow in Tulsa, OK and it wasn’t safe to leave the house for a few days. I used my minimal equipment and hit workouts that took me to muscular failure in that good hypertrophy ranges. It Is completely possible to build muscle at home with very minimal equipment. The proof is in my results. I was having so much fun this week I continued working out at home even when the roads were better. I am calling this weeks’ home workouts “Home Maximum Effort Workouts”. I wanted to share the entire week with you incase you find yourself stuck at home, but want to continuing building muscle.

Recommended Minimal Equipment: I purposely have only the basics at home because I know this is the case for most people. While it would be nice to have a killer home gym I like to limit my equipment and see how creative I can get. Here are the few pieces of equipment that I recommend everyone have at home:

*Resistance Bands: My bands of choice are Rip Cords. Get the entire set from light yellow to the extremest heavy Black Sniper or even the new Platinum (62-90lbs). It comes with a door attachment which will enable you to do practically every exercise with creativity which I will show you. Get Rip Cords on TheHumanTrainer.com for 10% off with code “Wittig10”.

*Light Dumbbells: I only have 5, 10, 15lb dumbbells at home. It would be great to have more, but storage is an issue. But by banding these light dumbbells with Rip Cords I can fit failure in muscle building rep ranges. It’s the combination that is powerful.

*Kettlebells: A single pair of Kettlebells can be extremely useful of home use. They are very functional and engage a lot of muscle. I find most kettlebell movements more difficult than their dumbbell counter part. Get a pair that is moderately heavy for you. I personally have a paid of 55’s. Men might consider weight in the 40-60 pound range and women 25-45 pound range. Of course those are just relative guesstimates.

*Floor Sliders: These are inexpensive furniture floors sliders that can be picked up at almost any store. I use them for a variety of exercises on my carpet. Hand towels, socks, or even paper can be used on smooth, hard wood flooring.

*Optional, but extremely useful: Suspension Training Straps. I use The Human Trainer suspension training system.Get it at TheHumanTrainer.com for 10% off with code “Wittig10”.

What I don’t have at home is a bench, barbell, lots of dumbbells, cables, or any machines. Using only the equipment above which can fit in a small box or under a cabinet I can push my physical limits.

Home Max Effort Workouts:

Legs with a Quad focus: View workout and description HERE.

Back & Biceps: View workout and description HERE.

Chest & Triceps: View workout and description HERE.

Legs with Ham & Calf focus: View workout and description HERE.

Shoulders: View workout and description HERE.

If you are looking for more home workouts I have three free home workouts programs:
Krib Karnage (body weight and bands)
Dumbbell Devastator (bands and light dumbbells)
Family Home Workout Series (no traditional equipment needed)

View these and my other free programs HERE.
Check out my premium and legacy programs HERE.

-Michael Wittig, ISSA CPT
Certified Nutritionist
IPE PNBA Natural Pro 7x Champ
Master World Champion
Natural Olympia Champion
Kaged Muscle, S-Force, Ryderwear Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks (871K+)
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ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Kaged Muscle Athlete

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