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In between developing my full e-book programs and daily video trainers I might stumble across a way of training I really enjoy. I want to start sharing these workouts with you as apart of my ‘Wittig Microcycle Workout Series”. Each of the microcycle workout PDFs will cover one full week of training. This first microcycle, “Pattern of Pain”, will also include a video for each workout. As I am releasing this to you now I am in the middle of editing my upcoming 8-week muscle builder “Four Deep” which will release this late May of 2019 on Unlike my full programs these microcycle workouts will not include detailed guidelines, nutrition, and cardio protocol. Otherwise I’d be writing another book. This is something new I am trying as a way to get information out to you quicker while working on other projects including my full detailed programs. Please let me know your feedback on social media regarding these workouts and the overall idea of releasing more microcycle PFDs for you in the future.

***Download my first microcycle “Pattern of Pain” which has a muscle and strength building focus HERE!

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro 3x Champ
Kaged Muscle Athlete
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Honored to be a Fitmark Athlete


I am honored to announce that I have recently partnered with fitmark and have signed on as their first official ‘Athlete’ to represent the company. I have been using their meal management bags for a long time now and can say they have been the single most useful tool for helping me keep my nutrition on track. Check out their wide selection on and save 15% off all orders with my code “Wittig15”.
**Check out my video announcement as well as a showing of my new Fitmark ‘Evolution’ back pack in the first comment below.

The Art of the Mini-Cut

This ‘off-season’, when not preparing for a contest, I have been staying much leaner than years past. But when opportunities arise like big fitness magazine photoshoots I may still need to tighten up and drop a few last minute pounds. This is where the ‘mini-cut’ comes in handy. My mini-cuts only last 1-2 weeks versus contest prep which might be 12-16 weeks long. I am currently in the middle of a 10 day mini-cut with a goal to drop ~2-3 pounds for Thursday’s photoshoot. My mini cuts are a bit more aggressive than contest prep and since they are much shorter I do have less chance to lose muscle in the process. Now these can come in handy for you to drop a few last minute pounds before vacation, the beach, a wedding, or just because. I personally would not follow my mini-cut methods for longer than several weeks because it is more aggressive and over a long period of time result in muscle loss.
Nutrition: Since my current mini-cut is only 10 days I am eating extremely clean and being very strict. I dropped ~500 calories and overall eating fairly low carbs. A lot of the calories dropped are from breakfast as I typically add ingredients to my oatmeal in the off-season such as protein powder, peanut butter, chocolate chips, non-fat Greek yogurt, etc. Just switching back to regular oatmeal with cinnamon and berries immediately cuts ~300 calories. After dinner I typically have some sort of snack, often times a treat, and I have dropped that in place for a Kasein protein shake which is low in calories, fat, and carbs. As aways I am chugging away lots of water. A little more than normal so keep from getting hungry.

Macros would look something like

Protein: 1.2-1.5 grams per pound of body weight

Carbs: 0.5-.75g per pound

Fat: 0.3g per pound

Water: Over 1 gallon


Training: My workouts in the off season when building and cutting are very similar, but I do make a few key changes. I rest less between sets no more than 60 secs. More super and giant sets make an appearance when cutting. Then I have a few classic Wittig ‘Diamond Cutter’ techniques I employ only when cutting such as how I train legs, multi-angle sets, non-stop supersets, and more. My body tends to do well with lots of volume per muscle group. My current split looks like this:

Mon: Legs

Tues: Back/Biceps

Wed: Chest/Delts/Triceps

Thurs: Legs starting with Calves

Fri: Full Upper Body

Sat: Home HIIT/Abs

Sun: Off

*My workouts go up in detail daily with photos on my You can go back and see all my mini-cut workouts now.
Cardio: I have been doing cardio this off season to stay leaner than I normally do while building and so I can enjoy a few extra ‘treats’ here and there. It’s been working nicely. But here on this mini-cut I have stepped things up more dramatically than I ever do during content prep. I am currently doing the following:

Mon: 40 mins steady state (incline walking)

Tues: HIIT 10 mins

Wed: 40 mins steady state

Thurs: HIIT 10 mins

Fri: 40 mins steady state

Sat: HIIT 10 mins

Sun: Off
Supplementation: I take my normal Kaged Muscle Supplements stack while cutting except I add Clean Burn and Kasein protein. On a daily basis I take the Kaged whey isolate, Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, Re-Kaged, and Hydracharge. That is all constant. Then cutting I do add in Clean Burn which helps me drop fat from multiple pathways. I have two caps before each breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then as mentioned above I add in Kasein slow digesting protein in place of a evening snack. It gives me protein, but keeps fat and carbs to a minimum.

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My photoshoot is going down this Thursday. Continue to watch my Instagram Story and Snapchat to see the end of my mini-cut and behind the scenes looks into the photoshoot itself. My full 12-week ‘Diamond Cutter’ program is free. It includes daily PDF’s, daily videos, nutrition, cardio, and supplementation guidance. Start from Day 1 HERE.

The Calves Buster

Every once in a while I hit a workout so intense, nasty, and effective I just have to share it on a grand scale. This last calf workout was one of those. Calves have been a weak area for me so I have made them a priority for the last several years with great progress. If calves are a lagging muscle group for you give this workout a go. I suggest hitting calves at least twice weekly and do this workout at the very beginning of your leg day while you are full energy and focus.

1. Seated Calf Raise: 5 sets of 30,25,20,15,10.
2. Standing Calf Raise: 5 sets of 8-10 reps.
3. Hack Calf Raises: 5 sets of 10,15,20,25,30.
(Note: Using a Hack Squat machine.)


Calf development tips:
A. Rest no more than 45-60secs between sets.
B. Regularly stretch your calves between sets.
C. Take slower negatives- lower the weight slowly. Get full bottom stretches on each rep and pause for several counts. Power up to a top contraction and pause. Controlling the tempo like this makes all the difference.

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-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro 3X Champ
Kaged Muscle Athlete

Motley Home Workout

Habitual: Something I do over and over again without fail. It’s ingrained in my being. I look forward to my habitual weekend home workouts and this one was quite Motley. Now that my upcoming core workout book “Centered” is done, releasing later this month, I am shifting my home workout style a little. This weekend’s workout was a full body HIIT and Core combo morphed together instead of splitting them up. It was POWERFUL and unique. Twelve total rounds of core and HIIT. Only 30-45 secs rest between each round. Refer to the video below to see the moves in action.

1a. Tucks: 4×15
2b. Clap Push Up Half Burpees: 4×10
(Level down modification: Do Pop Up Push Ups without the clap or regular push ups. If too difficult still do this move with your upper body elevated with your arms on a couch or end table.)
3. Sumo Jump Squat Walk Outs: 4×10
(Level down modification: Do Sumo Squats without the jump. Walk out to where arms are straight up and down instead of far out in front of you.)
4. Sumo Half Burpee Spiderman: 4×12

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro 3X Champ
Kaged Muscle Athlete

Yes, I still fuel up with Kaged Muscle Supplements Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, and Re-Kaged for home workouts because I keep them intense. Get 15% off with code “Michael15”.


Why and How I ‘De-Load’

Why and How I ‘De-load’


Every 2-3 months of intense exercise, or upon the completion of a program, I recommend taking a planned ‘De-load’. This is a less intense week of exercising to allow the body to fully recover. It’s more than just muscles that need recovery, but also tendons, ligaments, the central nervous system, and hormone levels. Continued stress without a break can actually stall progress and possible cause harm. I personally never take an entire week or more off from the gym. I did this once thinking it would be a good thing, but I felt terrible and vowed to never do that again. De-loads allow extreme recovery so we can break new ground in the future. Here are my personal guidelines to de-loading:

  • 60% of my normal volume.
  • 60% of my normal weight.
  • Don’t lift to failure.
  • Rep ranges typically in the 12-15+.
  • No Deadlifting.
  • No HIIT cardio.
  • Do steady state cardio.
  • Slower lifting.

These workouts are much shorter and just fun. Instead of high intensity lifting concentrate on feeling each movement- the stretching and flexing. You should still get an awesome pump lifting this way. It’s possible it might take concentration to not over due it. Remember de-loads are important and needed. They not only help minimize injury, but allow full recovery so I can work even harder. I just finished my de-load week and now it’s back to heavy, intense lifting tomorrow. Follow my daily workouts on Snap/Story WittigWorks.

Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro 3X Champ
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks