Getting The Most From Your Workouts

Getting-the-Most-from-Your-Workouts-Blog-ThumbnailOur reasons and motivations for working out are as varied as our personalities. Some of us just want to feel and look good while others may be recovering from an injury, or training for a high level competition. Regardless the reason you invest time into your health it matters and is important. The one thing everybody has in common is that you want maximum results from your efforts. Working out takes sacrifice of time and comfort and nobody has time to waste. Here are a few tips to help maximize your workouts and get the most out of your time:

Timing: The best time to workout is when you can. Getting it done is really what matters most. Quality workouts can happen in the early morning, afternoon, or evening. More importantly try to exercise around the same time each day. Your body and systems get in a daily circadian rhythm and your exercise time should be apart of that natural process. Also working out around the same time each day makes it important and apart of a schedule. Something scheduled is a little harder to brush off. Consistency is always key.

Visualization: Take a few minutes before the workout, this can be in the morning or the evening prior, to mentally walk through the workout. If you are following a program have an understanding of what is expected of you. There may be methods or exercises that are new to you. Take the time before hand to learn everything properly instead of trying to figure it out in the gym when you are on the clock. Your workout may involve something dreadful (high rep squats) so preparing mentally will give you time to face your fear.

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Featured in Train Mag with Arnold


I am super excited to share this with you all since I have been a life-long Arnie fan. I’ve come full circle from being featured in Flex Magazine when I was 15 with Arnold on the cover to now having an article I wrote including a Terminator/Arnold inspired photo published in the highly respected international magazine Train. My article ‘Terminate Your Excuses’ is even mentioned on the cover. I wonder if Arnold will see this?

Special thanks to Train Magazine for the opportunities, Gregg Shipman Photography for the killer photo, and my friend Rob Beckley for helping make that shoot happen. Find Train Magazine now at Barns and Noble and other places magazines are sold. Get the digital version on the Train Magazine app (

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Iron Man Magazine International

This is crazy! I’ve been writing articles for the Iron Man Magazine website this year and look what they did! Featured me in one of their international print issues. I am not entirely sure what it all says haha, but I assume the same text I wrote for the USA Iron Man about lower back health. Wittig World-Wide is happening! Pick up Iron Man magazine at stores or

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Let’s Go Shopping


Your family’s health and fitness starts with nutrition and what is available in the house. Picking the right foods at the grocery store is essential if you want to stay on the path of good health. Preparation is always key when it comes to proper nutrition and the first step is your grocery list. You’ve always heard the saying, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. It’s true for trips to the store as well. How many times have you forgotten key items, bought items you already had, or picked up random unhealthy snacks. Having a plan and an accurate list before you leave the house will not only save you money, but keep you on track nutrition wise.

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Shoulder Health Tips


Shoulder injuries are one of the most common in athletics and the work place, but everyone is susceptible. Most people will have some type of shoulder pain at least once during their life time. I was around 13 years old the first time I hurt my shoulder while shoveling dirt and rocks for my uncle. Looking back I am pretty sure I tore my rotator cuff. It hurt to try and raise my hand above my head. Since then I’ve tweaked my shoulders a number of times during various activities including lifting weights. Now that I’m older (43), but in the best shape of my life, I take extra care with my body and especially my shoulders. This article is not to about diagnosing shoulder injuries, that is up to a qualified doctor. If you have sharp pain in one of your shoulders I always recommend seeing your doctor or chiropractor immediately.

The shoulder joint is a complex ‘ball and socket’ joint. It has amazing range of motion, but is also very unstable. The rotator cuff is the group of muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint that help keep it securely in place. Rotator cuff tears are one of the most common causes of shoulder pain in adults. Athletes who throw objects, such as baseball or tennis players, have a high rate of injury as well as occupations that have the person repeatedly lifting their arms overhead. Other causes of shoulder pain may include osteoarthritis, tendinitis, impingement, or a fracture.

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Body Balance: Unilateral Training

Body-Balance-Unilateral-Training-Blog-Image (1)

One of the fitness goals that many work towards is having a balanced body in both physique and strength. While as humans we have bilateral mirror symmetry it’s typically not exact. One eye might be slightly bigger than the other. The right foot may be shaped a little differently than the left. The same goes for the muscles in our body in regards to both strength and shape. Sometimes the differences between right and left are genetic and other times due to external influences such as always picking things up with the right hand. I know that my right upper arm has always been slightly bigger than my left, and that my left thigh is slightly bigger than my right. A lot of times these size discrepancies  go unnoticed, but if the difference is ~0.5 inches or more it can be visible. More importantly, having unbalanced strength between the sides of the body can possibly lead to an injury.

Resistance training in general can help balance out our bodies, but if care is not given, the unbalance can be made even worse. When doing lifts with a barbell or machine often times the stronger side will take over without us even knowing it.  Unilateral exercises are often the key to fixing these situations. One sided movements can be done with dumbbells, cables, and some plate loaded unilateral machines like Hammer Strength. Exercising one side of the body at a time can also help develop a ‘mind-muscle’ connection.  This enables us to achieve more results from all our individual exercises. This type of training also makes the core work overtime to keep our body stabilized. I suggest doing at least one unilateral movement for each muscle group fairly often and sometimes do a full workout this way.

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Deload To Forge New Ground

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 3.38.52 PM

While you might hear some hardcore lifters shout “No days off” the truth is the majority of us need our rest. Many of us work really hard in the gym pushing ourselves to the limit. While our goals might vary from muscle building, strength training, sports performance, or just general health we all want results. Proper nutrition fuels our workouts and the recovery process that follows, but when we rest is when the real magic happens. All the heavy sets, forced reps, slower negatives, drop sets, and methods we use in the gym have the ultimate goal of damaging muscle fibers. Intense resistance exercise, especially the eccentric movements or the lowering of weights, cause microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. You may feel the effect of these tears days after a workout in the form of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). During our rest periods is when the body uses nutrients to repair these tiny tears making the muscle fibers thicker in the process.

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