Deload To Forge New Ground

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While you might hear some hardcore lifters shout “No days off” the truth is the majority of us need our rest. Many of us work really hard in the gym pushing ourselves to the limit. While our goals might vary from muscle building, strength training, sports performance, or just general health we all want results. Proper nutrition fuels our workouts and the recovery process that follows, but when we rest is when the real magic happens. All the heavy sets, forced reps, slower negatives, drop sets, and methods we use in the gym have the ultimate goal of damaging muscle fibers. Intense resistance exercise, especially the eccentric movements or the lowering of weights, cause microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. You may feel the effect of these tears days after a workout in the form of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). During our rest periods is when the body uses nutrients to repair these tiny tears making the muscle fibers thicker in the process.

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Meeting the Fitmark Family

Meeting-the-Fitmark-Family-Blog-ImageI started using Fitmark bags myself a few years ago, but I didn’t officially connect with the company until earlier this year. It’s been an honor to be the first Fitmark Athlete as of April 2019. When I partner with a company it’s always because their products bring true value to my life and therefore to the lives of my family, friends, and clients. It’s also important to me to build relationships and work with ‘good’ people. Up until recently I’ve only communicated with Fitmark over the phone, text, and email. They are based in California and I am out in Oklahoma. This last August 10th and 11th, I finally had the
opportunity to meet the CEO and some of his key employees at the Europa Games Expo in Phoenix, AZ. It was a quick, whirlwind trip, but one I greatly enjoyed. (Read the rest of this article HERE.)

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Common Exercise Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

I was recently asked by News On 6 (Tulsa OK) to discuss common gym mistakes. I am blessed to have these opportunities to share my passion for fitness with others. Watch the interview HERE.


For our first Wellness, Wednesday segment Trainer Michael Wittig joins Ashley Izbicki to explain what those four things are and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not Knowing What To Do In General

Mistake #2: Only doing steady state cardio

Mistake #3: Skipping the Weights

Mistake #4: Not Tracking Progress


Ironman Magazine Feature: “It’s a Family Affair: 7 Healthy Things To Do Together”

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Families come in all shapes and size. Mine happens to be me, my wife, two sons (15 and 13), and two twin daughters (9). However your family looks, you are living life together. While getting healthy is a personal decision, it’s a lot easier when the whole family is on board. Improving your personal fitness level will help increase your energy, strength, and keep you around longer to be with your loved ones. Often times, we find ourselves so ‘busy’ that we don’t make time for ourselves. But we should view taking 30-60 minutes to workout as an investment into our future. It’s hard to provide and be present if we are hung up in the hospital down the line. If your family happens to include children, remember, you are their biggest influence. Healthy habits you help them develop now could carry over into adulthood and make an impact on their children. Your decisions now could potentially affect generations of your family. Taking steps to improve fitness is a lot more fun when done together. It can also help bring a family together and create new positive memories. I am a personal trainer and love fitness, but my family is far from perfect. I am pretty sure my family is similar to yours if you have children. They sometimes fight, don’t listen, make messes, and want to play video games all day. I am not writing this telling you my family is doing everything right, but we are taking deliberate steps to ‘do better’ on a daily basis. This article is not only to inform you, but to also share some of my family’s personal struggles and how we are actively working to improve situations. Here are seven things that can help your family get healthier on multiple levels:


It’s really difficult for one person in the family to try to make a lifestyle change with nutrition if other members of the family are eating whatever they want. A cleaner diet can benefit the entire family, even those with faster metabolisms who never seem to gain weight. Remember someone can be skinny and unhealthy. Eating better as a family starts with a running grocery list, scheduled weekly trips, and having healthy food available. If parents don’t buy the packaged processed foods, the family can’t eat it. I know from experience you will get some resistance, but having healthier options available is a great start. Try to eliminate or reduce ‘fast food’ and save restaurants as family events for the weekends. When at home, do your best to eat together as a family. Go old school and physically sit at the same table together. Sit those phones face down or better yet don’t have them at the table. Regular family dinners without distractions is a great way to connect with your loved ones and hear about what is going on in their lives.

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Ask A Trainer: Common Questions Answered

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Answers to the questions I get asked most frequently!
I do like to lift weights and post about it, compete at natural pro men’s physique shows, write for fitness magazines, and have a handful of great sponsors. ALL of this started with me working with clients one-on-one as a certified personal trainer. I’ve had a life long passion for fitness, and I worked to get certified through the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) around 6 years ago. I started training immediately with some young guys who started their own personal trainer facility called Elite Training Tulsa. Since then, I’ve received multiple ISSA certifications and was awarded their 2018 ‘Honor Grad’ out of 300,000 trainers world-wide. I am now the manager and head trainer of two Elite Training Tulsa facilities. I truly enjoy watching people change their lives. The biggest reward of personal training for me is when I am able to influence another person to start a career in fitness. I didn’t write all this to brag, but to give you a little background on my professional career before digging into this topic. As a trainer I am asked lots of questions on a daily basis, especially when I go live on Facebook and Instagram which I try to do often. Whenever I do steady state cardio I go live to help take my mind off the cardio, but also to connect with like minded people all across the world. I have followers on social media from all across the world from the USA, Europe, India, Pakistan, Africa, and everywhere else. There are a handful of questions that I am asked repeatedly, and if that many people have these same questions…I was thinking maybe some of you have them as well. Here are some of those questions and my typical answers.
Question 1: How do I lose body fat? Sometimes asked more specifically, “How do I lose fat in my belly or chest?”
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-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro 3x Champ
Fitmark Athlete
All socials: @WittigWorks (598K & growing) for my best programs

Beginners Guide To Building Muscle

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I’ve been lifting weights so long I sometimes forget that I had a ‘Day One’ when I knew absolutely nothing about how to build muscle. When I was 14 years old, I was over 6 feet tall, but only weighed 135 pounds. My upper arms were the same size as my wrist, and my thighs were not much bigger than my ankles. I was aware that I was skinny and I was very self-conscience about it. I decided I wanted to start lifting weights. My dad bought me a simple ‘Weider’ home weight set and Arnold’s ‘Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding’ (which I still have today). This was all before the internet so I read books and viewed diagrams to figure out the basics. I clearly remember struggling to bench press the standard bar. Despite how difficult it was, I was determined and I never quit. I ended up slowly building muscle and getting stronger. After a year I gained a significant amount of muscle and felt great. I even wrote in to Flex Magazine and they ended up publishing a short paragraph and photo of me at age 15. This started my lifelong passion for fitness. Over the years I’ve learned a few things, but the basics always work. If you are completely new to weight lifting and building muscle, here is a guide and the information that will help you on your way. Read the full article HERE.

“Family Home Workout Series” is Live!

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 3.51.40 PMI’ve had the idea to make a program like this for a long time and not just for your family, but mine as well. Just because I’m a fitness trainer doesn’t mean my family isn’t similar to yours. We have a problem with our kids having too much screen time and keeping them active. I wanted to make a workout series that can be done with family members of all ages and conditions. While I give instruction on video and here in the PDF’s I don’t expect these workouts to go perfectly, but they will help bring your families together and they will be fun. These workouts are a shorter, but focused 15 minutes to help keep children engaged and to eliminate excuses from parents about being short on time. This is not like my previous programs with detailed nutrition and cardio guidance, but I did include some general information to help your family as a whole live healthier. I hope you all enjoy these workouts. I have to give a special thanks to my family (Rosie, Kennedie, Kyler, Kaden, and Stacie) for helping me make this as they all contributed in their own way. We are launching this as a series of 12 workouts. If response is good we can always add more. Please take photos and videos of your family while doing this program and tag me on social media @WittigWorks so my family can follow you. Most importantly enjoy the time with your family and have fun!


Michael Wittig


Michael Wittig is a nationally recognized (Flex, M&F, Train Magazines) ISSA certified trainer, published author of 9 programs, produced 4 daily video trainers, writer & model for Train Magazine, IPE Natural Pro 3x Champion and Master World Champion (Men’s Physique), and a sponsored Athlete with Kaged Muscle Supplements, Ryderwear, and Fitmark.

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Family Home Workout Series PDF’s Here:

Workout Video Playlist Here:


Recommended Equipment: There is no traditional equipment needed for this program. We will occasionally use regular household items like towels, balls, cans, or chairs.

The Schedule: I am launching this with 12 complete workouts. Ideally do three workouts weekly. Then you can always repeat your favorite workouts. I would recommend a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. An alternate schedule ofTuesday, Thursday, Saturday would work just as well.

Cardio:These workouts will include some great cardio, but I highly encourage your family to take walks together especially on non-workout days. Let the kids walk, ride bikes, or scooters. Any amount of time is fine. Also, get outside and play games like soccer, basketball, four square, or just make something up. Kids might resist you at first, but once you start playing they typically start enjoying themselves and want to play more.

Exercise Form: I’ve kept most of these exercises simply and safe. While form is very important sometimes with smaller children it’s just not going to be perfect. I encourage parents to watch the workout videos and read through the PDF before each workout. Work with your kids on form as I do in the videos. Just do your best and have fun. If something just isn’t working modify or move on.

Nutrition Tips: This series will not include a ‘diet’ as it’s not that type of program, but I do want to give your family some general nutrition guidance. Making a few of these small changes can make a big difference in the health of your entire family especially mom and dad.

  • Drink Water: One of the biggest health changes anybody can make is to stop drinking calories and drink more water. This is especially difficult for children. Try to give them less soda or juice, and replace with water. Store bought juice is typically loaded with sugar and not really good for kids.

  • Eat Natural Foods: Do your best to avoid fast foods as well as store bought highly processed foods in boxes and cans. I know from experience that this is not always possible with kids. Just do your best. When they are going to eat something like chicken nuggets or pizza give them a smaller portion on purpose, include fruits and vegetables on the plate, and don’t let them have seconds of the main dish until everything is eaten. This works well with my kids.

  • Don’t Skip Meals: Try to have a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ideally snacks between meals should be protein based for adults. Attempt to get kids eating fruit, yogurt, low fat string cheese for snacks over granola bars, cookies, fruit snacks, etc.

  • Plan Ahead: It’s hardto eat healthy if the food isn’t available. Planning starts with grocery shopping. Keep a running list of things before they run out and have designated shopping days. Have an idea of what your family will be eating the next day. Prepare ahead of time so everyone doesn’t resort to eating junk. I personally never leave the house without my meals and shakes packed in a Fitmark ‘meal management’ bag. Check them out at Get 15% off with code “Wittig15”.


I am only going to share a handful of products that I think could help the general family. So the supplements highlighted here are not necessary focused on building big muscles, but general health. I have never taken steroids or any illegal performance enhancing drugs and do not recommend that you consider taking them. I exercise for health first and then physique. Supplements can help you reach your goals if you are working out with intensity and eating properly. Let me put it this way, “Extra-ordinary lifestyle requires extra-ordinary nutrition”. I am honored to an official Athlete for Kaged Muscle supplements. When I stand

behind any company it’s because I am personally passionate about it. Read the Supplement guidelines below to see what I am personally taking and recommend.

Here is why I am a Kaged Muscle Athlete:

  • Manufactured in FDA inspected and NSF certified facility.
  • Banned substance free- BSCG certified.
  • 3rd party tested for label accuracy.
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or dyes.

  • Highest quality ingredients in the correct dosages for maximum results.
  • Every ingredient and dosage is on the label.

Recommended Supplements:

  • Whey Protein IsolateWhey protein is great to have immediately following workouts, before an early morning workout, as a meal replacement, or as a snack between meals. It willhelp bring your protein count up while adding no fat or carbs to your diet. This would be the first and most important supplement I would recommend to anybody for all goals.
  • HydrachargeThis is a powder you add to water for a great taste, no artificial colors or flavors, plus added electrolytes and minerals for superior hydration. This is a product that would be great for adults and kids to help increase their water intake.
  • In-KagedThis is optional, but one of my favorites. This would be a great replacement for energy drinks or pop. I would not recommend this for children as it has organic caffeine which is stillmuch better than processed cheap caffeine found in most liquid products. In-Kaged tastes amazing, especially the Watermelon, and it perfect for workouts and outside activities. It will give you that little extra kick of energy whenever you need it.
  • Kasein ProteinThis is a different type of protein than the whey isolate mentioned above. Kasein is a slower digesting protein that is ideal in the evening before bed. I have this listed here because I know a lot of people struggle with evening cravings and we generally resort to unhealthy snacks. Not only does this taste like a treat it can be used for recipes or just mixed with non-fat Greek yogurt to make a healthy pudding. There are lots of options with this product to help your family end the day on the right track.

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What’s Next:

If I get enough positive feedback about these initial 12 workouts I can always add more and extend this series. So it me up on social media (@WittigWorks) and tag me with your family’s photos and videos. Here are some of my other programs you maye be interested in as well.

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Custom Online Training: This is the next best thing to training with me in person. You communicate with me directly and I build a custom program just for you and your unique situation. Check out my three options and demo HERE.


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