My Kaged Muscle “Cutting” Stack

I wanted to share my Top 5 Kaged Muscle Supplements I use when cutting and how I use them. Watch my video below for a detailed breakdown. Get 15% off with my code “Michael15”.

  1. Re-Kaged: Post workout
  2. Whey Isolate
  3. Pre-Kaged: pre-workout
  4. Ferodrox: testosterone support
  5. Hydracharge

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
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The Truth About Supplements

The TRUTH about supplements. Firstly, your nutrition and training have to be on point. Supplements are not a replacement, they are an addition. Second, not all supplements are the same. They will vary in quality, safety, and effectiveness. Saving a few dollars might actually be harmful in some cases. Finally, a lot of the Athletes pushing supplements are doing so because of money deals and sometimes they don’t even really use those products. I left one of the bigger companies and sought out Kaged Muscle Supplements because of the quality and third-party testing their products undergoes. This is what you see me using day in-and-out for the last two years. I would never share a product with my family, close friends, and all of you if I didn’t believe in it. When you all use my code “Michael15” on it not only saves you 15%, but does help my family and I, and allows me to continue dropping FREE trainers for all of you. So thank you.

Michael Wittig
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
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Keeping Muscle While Cutting


The more muscle you have the more efficient your body will be burning fat. The problem most people encounter when trying to cut is that they lose too much muscle making the process even harder. Here are some of the things I do personally to keep as much muscle as possible while in a prolonged calorie deficit:

  • Don’t under eat! I try to eat as much as possible while dropping body fat. Then if I need to reduce calories, typically via carbs, I can make a slight adjustment. If you drop your calories too much you might slow down your metabolism and lose muscle. Remember your body needs all the macronutrients protein, carbohydrates, and fats- just in the correct ratios for your situation and goals.
  • Keep cardio minimal. We all need to do some cardio specifically for heart health. Cardio is a great way to help burn additional calories and lose fat. But doing too much cardio can start digging into too many calories and cause muscle loss. I typically start steady state sessions at a low 15 minutes and gradually add a few minutes only if I hit a stall. HIIT I start with a limited 7 rounds and may graduate to 10 mins. I have never done more than 20 minutes of steady state or 10 minutes of HIIT for recent cutting cycles.
  • Do resistance training! You can lose weight just by changing how you eat, but you can speed up the process by including resistance training to build muscle which in turn helps you burn fat. Doing resistance training while cutting will also help you keep the muscle you have while eating in a calorie deficit. During my cutting cycles I lift in all rep ranges from a heavier 6-8 reps, moderate 10-15 reps, and sometimes as high as 50-100 reps.
  • Supplement with protein at the right times. I have my Kaged Muscle post workout Re-Kaged (fast digesting whey and more) immediately after every weight session. I use Kaged Whey-isolate immediately upon waking (after my sleep fast) to prevent muscle breakdown. Then I end my day with Kaged Kasein slow digesting protein to give my muscles a steady steam of protein throughout the night. Get 15% off with my code “Michael15”.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking water helps us not only build and retain muscle, but help us to eliminate fat. I personally drink 16oz of water with each meal and have another 16-20oz between meals.

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks

Honored to be IPE Windy City Champion!

I am honored and humbled to say that I returned from Chicago, IL as a IPE Windy City Champion in Pro Men’s Physique. This might end up rather long, but I have received so many kind words throughout this contest preparation and even more so since winning yesterday I want to take the time to give you all a behind the scenes look at everything that went down and how I felt the last 48hrs. More than anything I want to say THANK YOU for your encouraging works, to my family, friends, the IPE and staff, fellow competitors, my coach John Gorman (Team Gorman), and my sponsors Kaged Muscle, Swole O’Clock, and Elite Training Tulsa.

I always prepare for my competition trips days in advance printing off information, packing, preparing food to avoid as many problems as possible. But even with the most planning unexpected things always happen. When competing it’s very important stay calm and not get stressed out because it can actually affect your physical appearance on stage. So all my planning didn’t prepare me for the surprise storms we had in Tulsa this last Friday when I was to fly to Chicago to compete. So I was more than a little concerned by flight would get delayed or even cancelled. Luckily I made it to Chicago in a easy 2hr direct flight. The real problem that I never really considered went down once I arrived…


I landed in Chicago around 2:20pm and thought I had plenty of time to get to the host hotel for my scheduled polygraph at 4:40pm. I did not even consider Chicago traffic being so bad that it would take 2hrs to go 30 miles, but it did. Again, I took deep breaths and remained as calm as possible. I eventually made it to hotel just in time for my polygraph test. I only compete at 100% drug free events and they have several layers of testing. Drug free means no steroids, growth hormones, testosterone boosters, insulin, prescription diuretic, and much more. Wittig is about health first and I only take natural Kaged Muscle Supplements. You all know this! Lol.


Once I got the hotel I was busy for the next few hours doing my polygraph, checking-in for the event, and my spray tan which is always an experience. They basically paint me dark brown in my underwear like you would a car. Once I finally got back to my room I was able to really unpack and unwind. Again, being a planning I started laying stuff out and pre-packing for the morning competition and going through some light posing. I purposely didn’t even turn on the TV while I was there. It was important for me to clear my mind and focus on the task at hand and not Sponge Bob. When it was time to sleep I had to lay on the comforter fully clothed and on top of towels so I didn’t ruin their sheets with my fresh ‘paint job’. But of course I couldn’t sleep…

Before tan flex
Getting a fresh paint job

I was seriously TOO excited to sleep. I might have slept 2-3 hours before It was time to get up at 4:30am for Meal 1. Then I maybe rested another hour before my 6:30am Meal 2 and at that point I was up for good. Because of my experience with Chicago traffic the day before I wanted to leave and get to the venue early. The Windy City Natural took place at the historic Athenaeum Theater which was extremely nice. Then between arrival and showtime is one of my favorite parts of competing with the International Pro Elite.


The atmosphere backstage of all IPE events I’ve participated in are always so friendly. Seeing old friends and meeting new people from all over the world is what makes these events special and memorable. I always love taking photos backstage to remember what makes me happiest about competing regardless if I win or lose. It’s always great seeing Steve Clausen with One Healthy Body. He is the promoter of several NANBF/IPE shows here in my home state of Oklahoma where I won Mr. Oklahoma last year, but more importantly placed 2nd in Men’s Physique Open at three separate shows. Those near wins are what pushed me to work harder to eventually win First in Open to receive my IPE Pro card last June in Arkansas. My natural competitive career started with Steve and all he does for natural fitness. Then I also like to take photographs with the biggest guys I can find backstage for my own inspiration. Shown below are a few of the natural heavy weight bodybuilders that I thankful did not compete against…yet 😉


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This guy here below, Meshack Ochieng, had just one the previous weeks IPE International in Kansas City and I was excited to meet him in person for the first time. Remember I do Men’s Physique and Meshack is a bodybuilder. Different classes. But you think maybe I can step up in 5 years or so….?

IMG-1955 (1)

After the pleasantries it was time to focus and get down to business. It is a competition I didn’t come all the way out here just to play 😉 I felt in the past my pre-stage protocol could be improved upon so I look even a little better on stage and this time I nailed it. I realized I just needed to start posing a little earlier and concentrate my warm up on a few specific muscle groups especially my shoulders. I was extremely happy with how I posed during judging and my solo routine which I did to the song “Never Enough”. I choose this song just to do something totally different for me personally. I typically go rock and roll, but wanted to do something more dramatic and slower this time. I really enjoyed “The Greatest Showman” sound track and this song especially moved me.

My fellow competitors were also there to give it their best and they looked great. I really wasn’t sure who was going to end up on top. When they called my name as the champion my first reaction was to point upward and give it all to God. Then I proceeded to my ‘Hulk Hogan’ tribute shenanigans of giving the crowd the famed ear, thumbs up, and strike the poses all over them. When I win competitions the few minutes on stage is my time to be the WWE wrestler of my other life so I always hit wrestler poses ha. I will have much better stage shots coming here soon. But my biggest surprise of the day was yet to come…



While I was on stage during the pre-judging I heard my name called out and I recognized the voice. My old time friend and Pillar band mate Noah Henson completely surprised me by showing up. When I saw him my face I know just lite up and I of course had to through him the rock n’ roll horns a few times while posing. Fellow Kaged Muscle Athlete Brandon Beckrich also came out to support along with a few other friends and followers. I was really overwhelmed on stage to hear such support while in a city so far from home. You all made the day really special for me. Immediately after being presented with the championship belt I was escorted to a bathroom to give urine for the second round of tests to be done. I was excited to get that part over and go out to the lobby to meet with my friends Noah, Erika, Megan, Brandon, and more. I even had the opportunity to meet with a group of kids and do a interview about natural fitness. After this I only had one thing on my mind….


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Chicago is known for it’s pizza and Giordano’s is world famous so you know where we went. The big Noah Henson surprise was partly orchestrated by another long-time friend of mind Erika Carlson. I’ve known her and Megan Sontag from way back from the early Pillar days. Once photographs were done we packed up and went straight to Giordano’s pizza and it was truly amazing. I was still full for my flight home and was able to sleep in my own bed. It was just an all around awesome few days.


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In closing I just want to say thank you again for the love and support. It means more to me than championship belt and even almost more than pizza… 😉 Now that the dust has settled I am back on track and planning to compete at the October 13 IPE Masters World Championships in Memphis, TN to close out my 2018 and 2019 competitive season. Then I plan to come back bigger and better in 2020 to compete in Pro Classic Physique Open. Coming for ya…

View my Behind the Scenes videos of my weekend here:

Windy City Natural part 1
Windy City Natural part 2

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks

Countdown to My Competition

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 12.17.32 PM

The big Olympia weekend is over as well as a big natural IPE show in Kansas City. I had friends competing at both events and regardless placings their hard work has only inspired me. I am currently 6 days out from the natural pro IPE Windy City Natural Sep 22 in Chicago, IL. I’ve been doing my best to keep you all updated on my contest prep so today I want to share small changes that were made this last week.

  • Nutrition: As of last weekend I stopped my weekly dirty cheat meals and moved to clean high carb days. Instead of my typical Saturday Pizza or Mexican it’s now home grilled chicken and baked sliced potatoes. My main carb sources at this point are oatmeal, rice, and potatoes. I’ve been having Kodiak Cakes for breakfast on my two high carb days throughout the whole contest prep and continue to do so. As of last weekend no more beef or pork and only chicken and lean turkey. I started introducing a fair amount of asparagus.
  • Supplementation: This last Wednesday (leg day) was my last use of my standard Pre-workout, Intra, and Aminos. I have replaced all those with self made drinks using Kaged Muscle Supplements Hydracharge, Glutamine, Citrulline, and organic caffeine. More info on this below. I will keep my multi-vitamin, whey isolate, dextrose, and KM Ferodrox (testosterone support) all the way up until the show. Get 15% off with my code “Michael 15”.
  • Training: Now that I am pretty much stage ready I slowed my workouts down just a bit. No more non-stop Giant sets and more supersets and single exercises with short rest periods. All movements are being done slower and controlled. I am using more machines and cables to prevent injury this close to contest. No more big barbell movements. I have been hitting abs 3x a week and continue to do so.
  • Cardio: My cardio schedule has been just about the same since starting my ‘Diamond Cutter’ program. As of this last Wednesday my steady state cardio as been cut. I am only doing 5 rounds of HIIT 3x a week here on out. My body fat is low enough that stead state could start digging into to muscle.
  • General: I am starting to have food and ‘treat’ cravings, but I know it’s just in my head. I am doing a lot more posing at the gym between sets and at home. Taking lots of photos and video of my posing to review and get critiques from friends I trust. I continue to do daily weigh-in’s upon waking before food and water to track progress. These final days I take progress photos 1-2x a day. I discovered I look best 90-120mins after dinner.

Additional Resources:

I want to thank my family, friends, and coach John Gorman for all their support in my competing career. Special thanks to my sponsors who without this upcoming competition would not be possible: Kaged Muscle Supplements, Swole O’Clock, and Elite Training Tulsa. These are not just companies, but good people who have had my back in life for years. Thank you all!

Annihilate to Motivate,
Michael Wittig
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle & RyderWear Athlete

Two Weeks Out Tweaks

I am 13 days out from my natural pro show Sep 22 in Chicago at the IPE Windy City Natural. There are a few minor changes I incorporated the last few days here at the two week out mark that I wanted to share with you all. Now if I was just cutting body fat to be fit, and not compete, I would not be making these changes. My rate of fat loss as been optimal the last 14 weeks so these changes are just to be as ‘sharp/clear’ on stage as possible. My entire contest prep cut has been my free ‘Diamond Cutter‘ program. For your reference my Daily Nutrition can be viewed in a video Here. At this point everything has been working perfectly so I wouldn’t want to make any crazy or drastic changes. Why try to fix what isn’t broke. Here are small two week out tweaks I have started making:

  • Training: I’ve followed my ‘Diamond Cutter” training and cardio since June 1st. At the end of the program we were doing multi-muscle non-stop Giant sets. As of last week I changed to one muscle group Giant Sets with short breaks. This type of training will continue this coming week. Cardio protocol is exactly the same as the DC program. I may start backing it down here soon. I will keep you posted.
  • No Cheat Meals: The last 14 weeks I’ve had a weekly cheat meal on Saturdays which are one of my high carb days and HIIT cardio days. It has been typically pizza or Mexican. Starting yesterday (two weeks out) no more dirty cheat meals, but only homemade meals that fit the higher carb macros. Last night I made two 4oz lean turkey burgers with toasted buns, sprinkle of cheese, and ketchup.
  • Dropping Beef: I typical rotate my lean proteins between chicken, turkey, pork, and beef. At this point I am going to drop red meat and keep my primary protein sources eggs, chicken/turkey, and Kaged Muscle whey isolate.
  • Reducing Supplements: I take a variety of Kaged Muscle supplements throughout the year. Only close to a competition do I cycle off a few supplements just to reduce as much stress from my kidneys as possible to drop subcutaneous fluids. The supplements I will keep moving forward in Week 2 will be the following: whey isolate, Kasein protein, multi-vitamin, vitamin C, Ferodrox* (Kaged Muscle testosterone support), Hydracharge/Glutamine, Citrulline, organic caffeine. I will resume my normal supplement protocol right after the competition. *When obtaining a very low body fat men’s testosterone tends to drop which is why I have been taking the natural Ferodrox. I have been feeling stronger and more viral than previous competitions two weeks out. Get 15% off products with my code “Michael15”.

Next week out starts ‘Peak Week’, the days leading up to a competition, and there will be a few more changes which I will outline next week. Follow my daily contest prep on my IG Story and Snapchat (WittigWorks both). Thank you all for your amazing support. I hope to see some of you at the show Sep 22 in Chicago. Please come out and support. Details can be found Here. Then join me afterwards for a pizza fest! Special thanks to my sponsors Kaged Muscle Supplements, Swole O’Clock, and Elite Training Tulsa for helping make this competition possible.

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks


My Daily Nutrition: Diamond Cutter Edition

I just recently wrapped up my 12-week Diamond Cutter program which you can start anytime from Day 1 HERE! This program involved a gentle carb cycle. Here is a detailed full day of one of my personal ‘Medium’ carb days. I used this program and protocol to prepare for this seasons natural Pro shows.

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro
Kaged Muscle Athlete
All socials: WittigWorks

*Get 15% off supplements shown in this video with my code “Michael15”.

**Get 15% off ‘meal management bags” with my code “Wittig15”.