Post Competition Goals and New Split

It’s been a two weeks since winning my IPE Pro Card and one week since winning my first pro show. The dust is still settling and I am trying to wrap my mind around it all. I have been working out all week and eating a little freely, but not crazy unhealthy. Just enjoying myself a bit. So now I want to share my frame of mind and goals from here. Winning this recent pro show makes me eligible for the IPE Worlds taking place Nov 11 in Liberty, MO and I plan to be there. There is also a pro show in MN two weeks before hand I am wanting to enter to shake the 4-5 month cob webs off. So I have already started working towards these goals. In short my plan is to let my body recover from these recent competitions, lean bulk for 6-8 weeks, then cut for Worlds 6-8 weeks or more.


Here is my post-competition split I am playing around with. I am still tweaking it a bit, but this is the skeleton of what I plan to use for lean bulking the next 2 months. Follow my daily workouts with video of everything on my Snapchat “WittigWorks” and “Story”.

New Split:

Monday: Back and Biceps

Tuesday: Thighs and Hamstrings

Wednesday: Chest, Side/Front Delts

Thursday: Back, Rear Delts, Triceps

Friday: Thighs and Calves

Saturday: Abs, Traps, Side/Front Delts


**I am prioritizing my Back, Delts, and Legs. My extra Back and delts work will help with Worlds. My extra leg work will help next year when I compete in Classic Physique pro shows.

**Doing HIIT cardio daily 5 rounds of various exercises such as battle ropes, sled pushes, kettle bell swings, bike intervals, ball slams, etc. No steady state for now.


Nutrition: I am currently reverse dieting and slowly introducing carbs back into my system. Since I held stage ready shape for 3 weeks which was brutal I am also enjoying a few extra treats here and there.

Supplements: All Kaged Muscle and are as follows:
Pre-Kaged: 30 mins before workouts
In-kaged: 20 mins into workouts
Re-Kaged: immediately after last set
Hydra charge: 2-3x a day mostly with major meals. I add in Kaged Muscle BCAA and Glutamine. Morning and afternoon I add KM Pur-caf organic caffeine cap.

Try Kaged Muscle supplements for 15% off everything with my code Wittig15.


No Wimping,
Wittig, ISSA CPT
Kaged Muscle Athlete
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Winning First Natural IPE Pro Show


After winning my IPE Natural Pro card last Saturday, June 17 in Arkansas I thought it was time for a earned break. Immediately after the show I pounded a large pizza on my own and about 6 donuts the following morning. During all this I was aware of the IPE Pro Master’s show happening in 1 week in Saint Louis (June 24), but I thought we had a family trip planned that same weekend. I received a congratulations text from my father in law in which he ended saying “looking forward to seeing you all June 30th”. What?!? That was when I decided to enter my first IPE Pro show. Saint Louis Wittig is coming!

I diligently captured the 24 hrs surrounding this event on video for you all. My friend Jason Fountain, who came up with me, captured my stage routine for you all to see. Thanks to my son Kaden for editing this all for me. I love you son! This event was made possible for me by my sponsors Kaged Muscle Supplements and SwoleO’Clock. Thank you both so much for helping me do what I love. Special thanks to one of the top natural prep coaches in the United States, John Gorman, for taking my contest prep to the next level. Huge shout to Logan Sheehan who filled in for Gorman in Saint Louis to keep me sane and at my best. Logan is a top natural prep coach as well. Look these guys up if you need help with natural contest prep. Respect to the biggest natural fitness organizations NANBF and IPE Pro for doing what they do. If you want to get into natural fitness go to them. Thank you Keith Hunter for putting on such a friendly and quality event. I will see you next year!

I’ve been on cloud 9 after earning my pro card and then following it up with my first pro win. Glory to God for His blessings. I am equally excited that I can eat some of my favorite things in my frequency for a bit 🙂 Holding stage condition for 3 week straights was very difficult and not even healthy. So my first goal is to gain a little boy fat for health reasons.

What’s next for Wittig? The natural “Worlds” happening November 11th in Liberty, MO.

Follow me for #WittigRoadToWorlds

Wittig, ISSA CPT
Kaged Muscle Athlete





My friend Jason Fountain

The Day I Won My IPE Pro Card!


Surprise, I won my natural IPE Pro card this last Saturday!

As most of you know two weeks ago I competed at a natural NANBF competition in Tulsa placing 1st in Masters Men’s Physique, 1st in Mr. Oklahoma, and 2nd in MP Open just missing my natural pro card. I was very blessed and thankful for the results…but, not satisfied. I found out after that show there was another pro qualifying show coming up two weeks later in Bentonville, AR. I kept my head down, put the work in, and prepared for this upcoming show on the down low only telling a few people. Yesterday I competed at the NW Arkansas Natural Championships coming in 1st in Classic Men’s Physique Open and 1st in Men’s Physique Tall earning my International Pro Elite Pro Card.

So on Snapchat and Instagram Story I posted a “fake day of events”. Some of you might have seen it. Here is the REAL documentary of the 24hrs surrounding this special day. At the end is part of the Snapchat “fake day”. Hope you enjoy.

The lesson here is never give up. When you miss the mark don’t despair, but learn from the experience, put in the necessary work to improve, and go for it again. Never stop.

I am really impressed by the quality events the natural organization NANBF put on all across the country. If you are interested in competing naturally I strongly recommend you check them out. What I like most is that everybody is nice and you leave with a good feeling despite how you do. They have divisions for all age and experience levels and professional opportunities.


This is all possible because of my Lord and Savior, wife Stacie for always supporting me, and the rest of my amazing family. Special thanks to JONNI SHREVE for helping me get in top shape for the Tulsa show which carried over to Arkansas, huge shout to John Gorman who then helped tweak things the week of the show and worked with me on posing and was there with me day of, everybody at the NANBF especially Steven Clausen and Joe Wilson, my friend and IPE pro Eric Murphy for his support and guidance. Many thanks to ALL my friends who are too numerous to name individually. You know who you are. All your support and daily encouragement mean so much to me.

Special thanks for my awesome sponsors who allow me to do what I love for a living: Kaged Muscle Supplements and Kris Gethin, Ryderwear – Gym & Street apparel, SWOLE O’clock, 6 Pack Fitness, and Gripped Fitness Audio.

I love you! This is just the beginning. This is also a lifestyle not just for titles and trophies.

Michael Wittig
Kaged Muscle Athlete
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Home Workout Challenge!

Someone recently asked me why I am training so intense after this last competition. My answer was, “Because I am intense”. But really if you want to improve you don’t let up. I hit creative home workouts every weekend. These are things you all can do. Today I make a challenge to you: hit this workout completely and then email me and I just might send you something special. Don’t be lying to me now. Be a honest person. If you see this within the next 24hrs view video of all this on my Snapchat (WittigWorks) and “Story”.


1. Cork Screw Leg Raises: 1 set of 100 reps. Try to do them nonstop, but take short pauses if needed.
2. Plank Circuit: Do this nonstop
2A. Spiderman Planks: 1 min (alternate knee to elbows slowly)
2B. R Side Plank Crunches: 1 min
2C. L Side Plank Crunches: 1 min
2D. Spiderman Planks: 2 mins


On to Hiit:
3. Superset: Do these 2 back to back for 1 round. Do 5 rounds total with minimal rest between rounds.
3A. Side Lateral Raises w/resistance band: 5×16 (3 normal reps + one 6 count pause rep x 4=16). Use DB’s if you don’t have bands. Or anything with weight.
3B. Short sprint (3 mail boxes down)


4. Superset: Do these 2 back to back for 1 round. Do 5 rounds total with minimal rest between rounds.
4A. Pop Up Push Up. 5×20. Alternate reps of normal hand placement and close hand placement (shown below). You are switching hand positions as you lift off the ground. If you cannot lift off just do them normal.
4B. Short sprint (3 mail boxes down)


Hope you all had fun with that! Follow my daily workouts with video on Snap & Story. Every Sat and Sun check out these home workouts.

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
Kaged Muscle Athlete

Audio by Gripped Fitness Audio. YES, they sound great or I wouldn’t use them, wear them, or talk about them ha. Get 10% off with my code Wittig10.

Thor watch with custom blue band by SwoleO’Clock. Get 10% off with my code Wittig10.

Apparel and shoes by Ryderwear. Get 10% off with my code Wittig10.



My Contest Peak Week: Part 2


The show is now 5 days past as I write this. I could not be happier with the results. As promised here is Part 2 of my Peak Week contest preparation. Read Part 1 Here. Read my full blog about the contest day with photographs and video Here.

Here is exactly what I did in the final two days leading up to this Natural Men’s Physique show were I received two 1st places and one second in open (all-ages). Not bad for a 40 year old dude.

Workout: Upper body 5 exercise circuit- Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps. 4 sets of 15 reps each exercise. I changed exercises every set. No cardio.
H2O: 2 gallons
Sodium: High
Food: strawberries and whey, 1 egg & 8 whites, 8oz chicken (no beef) & 1 cup green veggies (4x), and pre/post workout whey. Started carb loading in the early evening. Added 1 cup white rice to last two meals.
Supplements: Whey, Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, Re-Kaged, Hydracharge, BCAA, Glutamine, multi-vitamin. + Dandelion Root (8000mg 3x with meals) to help shed water.

Workout: No workout or cardio. Just pose.
H2O: 1 gallon by 1pm. Then cut water. Just sip when needed
Sodium: Medium/high until 1pm. Then cut sodium.
Food: 2 eggs and 1 cup oats, then 5oz chicken and 2 cups white rice or 150-200 grams white potato 4x, 9pm homemade burger with Red Robin fries w/gas x (to keep gas out of stomach area).
Supplements: No supplements except Dandelion Root (8000mg 3x with meals) to help shed water.

Saturday: SHOW DAY!
Workout: Nothing but posing and warm up circuits 20mins before stage time. Don’t warm up abs or legs.
H2O: Just sip when necessary.
Sodium: low
Food: 2 pancakes with syrup upon waking (5am), then 2 rice cakes with pb&j every 2 hours or so. Snack on Kit Kat if hungry between. 45mins before stage blueberry muffin. Gasx with every meal.
Supplements: Dandelion Root (8000mg) w/breakfast only then no supplements.

Thank you all again for your amazing support and encouragement. This is the end, but just the beginning.

Note: I was able to drink so much water the days before lowering consumption only with the help of my Kaged Muscle Hydracharge. Get 15% off everything with my code Wittig15.

Michael Wittig, ISSA CPT
Kaged Muscle Athlete
“Mr. Oklahoma”

Tulsa Natural Bodybuilding Championship: My Results!

I sit at home resting from the aftermath of another great fitness competition and experience. I trained with singular focus for 8 weeks getting ready for this. I look back at my transformation over the last 6 weeks and I cannot believe it. These photos are exactly 6 weeks apart (March 21 and May 31)




Yesterday (Saturday, June 3rd) I competed at the Tulsa Natural Bodybody Championship in three Men’s Physique divisions. This was a tested event and every competitor had to pee in a cup before they are allowed to compete. I have always been 100% natural and health first. Despite tanning myself for many weeks ahead of time it’s not enough for the bright lights so after the drug test it was off to the spray tan. Always fun stripping down in front of strangers. But they did a great job and I was very happy with the color.


This event was produced by a Oklahoma City’s One Healthy Bod and they always put on a well ran, quality event. I want to thank Steve Clausen and the NANBF for all he does for natural fitness in Oklahoma.


One of the reasons I really like this natural league is the community backstage. If you are not already friends with somebody you are easily making new friends. Each person has their own story. What a great group of inspiring people! And yes I am the oldest by double ha.


Now how did I do? The results are in! In yesterday’s Natural Tulsa Bodybuilding Championship Men’s Physique divisions I placed 1st in Masters 40+, 1st in Mr. Oklahoma, and 2nd in open. Just missed that pro card, BUT I was a winner before hitting the stage because of the improvements I made, all your amazing support, and that I was able to just do this period. I know I was in the best condition I’ve ever been in. I am so humbled by the outpouring of support I received before, during, and after this event. You all make me feel special. THANK YOU!


The best part of the whole event was the sweet note my family left me on the counter when I woke up. I had to leave really early for a competitors meeting. Then they surprised me by showing up at the event to cheer me on. I love them all so much. I am here to tell you not to let age, condition, or anything keep you from being your best. It will take hard work, but if I can do it so can you. Thank you again for all your amazing support and encouragement. Watch the 48 hrs before/during/after this whole event here:

-Michael Wittig, “Mr. Oklahoma”


P.S. The Stack that Built this Back!

I have always been a 100% natural athlete. In addition to clean eating and hard work I used Kaged Muscle Supplements exclusively during my lean bulk and contest prep. They make only drug free and clean products that are effective. The proof is in my results at 40 years old. Get 15% off with my code “Wittig15”.


My Contest Peak Week: Part 1


Unless you are a competitor most people will not know what the term “Peak Week” means. It’s basically the final days leading up to a contest when you should dial in your physique for the stage. You may talk to 5 different people and hear 5 different peak week methods. I don’t believe there is just one way to fine tune your physique before a show. It depends on what works for a particular person. But we should seek the advice of professionals who have done it before and coaches others. It’s a very particular process that you would never really undergo during normal circumstances. Understand that just losing weight and preparing for a fitness show or photoshoot are two completely different things. While we do cut body fat at the beginning in very similar ways peak week for a contest can get extreme. There is no need under normal circumstances to get as extreme as I have been lately. Understand I am not saying this is “the” way to handle peak week, but just how I am going about it. I have to give major props for IFBB pro Jonni Shreve for his advice and guidance on this contest prep. I do feel I am in the best shape of my life here several days out from the NANBF Tulsa Natural Bodybuilding Championships. At 40 years old I am competing in Men’s Physique Open (against the 20 and 30 year olds), Masters 40+, and Mr. Oklahoma.

Before Peak Week: I was lifting intensity 5x a week, hitting home HIIT workouts on Saturday and Sunday, doing daily cardio 30 minutes building up to 60 minutes, and slowly reducing calories by carb cycling. For 2 weeks before peak week I was doing non-stop supersets of Chest/Back, Triceps/Biceps/Delts, Legs/HIIT.

Peak Week: The show is on Saturday so here is what I have been doing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Part 2 of my peak week I will post after the contest.

The goal in short is to deplete glycogen from muscle by having no complex carbs and training. Hydrate like crazy by drinking loads of water and increasing sodium. Then dry out by reducing water and sodium, and increasing carbs to soak up the remaining water.

Workout: Back and Chest supersets. Cardio 60 minutes (recumbent bike and stairs)
H2O: 1 Gallon. This includes water used in whey, Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, Re-Kaged. I just drank (8) eight 16oz shaker bottles worth.
Sodium: High. I salted all my eggs, lean meats, and veggies every meal.
Food: strawberries and whey, 1 egg & 8 whites, 8oz lean meat & 1 cup green veggies (3x), pre/post workout whey, evening casein protein.
Supplements: Whey, Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, Re-Kaged, Hydracharge, BCAA, Glutamine, multi-vitamin.

Workout: Triceps/Biceps/Delt giant sets. Cardio 60 minutes (recumbent bike and stairs)
H2O: 1 Gallon
Sodium: High
Food: strawberries and whey, 1 egg & 8 whites, 8oz lean meat & 1 cup green veggies (3x), pre/post workout whey, evening casein protein.
Supplements: Whey, Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, Re-Kaged, Hydracharge, BCAA, Glutamine, multi-vitamin.

IMG_0348  IMG_0349
*Note: Using mustard and my Six Pack Fitness #FlavorAmp hot sauce because zero carbs. Get 10% off with my code Wittig10.

Workout: Upper body circuit training. I picked one exercise for each Chest, Back, Delts, Triceps, and Biceps and hit them all back to back with no rest. 15 reps each exercise. 4 rounds. I changed up the exercises each round to hit different angles.
H2O: Up to 1.5 Gallons
Sodium: High
Food: strawberries and whey, 1 egg & 8 whites, 8oz lean meat & 1 cup green veggies (3x), pre/post workout whey, evening casein protein.
Supplements: Whey, Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, Re-Kaged, Hydracharge, BCAA, Glutamine, multi-vitamin. + Dandelion Root (8000mg 3x with meals) to help shed water.

Thursday, Friday, and morning of the show will be different than the above. I will post Part 2 after the show. I am 2 days out! Almost go time. I appreciate all of your messages and notes of encouragement. It means a lot to me. Follow it all on my Snapchat “WittigWorks” and “Story”.

Note: I am able to drink so much water only with the help of my Kaged Muscle Hydracharge. Get 15% off everything with my code Wittig15.
Michael Wittig, ISSA CPT
Kaged Muscle Athlete

**Sick tank by Ryderwear. Get 10% off everything with my code Wittig10.