The Desk Job Workout

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I know there are a lot of you out there stuck at a desk all day to support your family. You would love more time for yourself to workout, but your current job situation just doesn’t allow it. People might tell you to get up earlier or exercise after work, but you are already away from home so much you want to spend what little time you have with your family. I just might have the perfect solution for you. I am a believer in the statement, “Doing something is better than nothing”. I am going to share some ideas with you so you can get some exercise, and not take away time from your family.

Regardless how busy the work day is we can always find a few minutes here and there throughout the day. The secret is we don’t need to stop work for 15 minutes to exercise. We can do 2-3 minutes at a time throughout the day. It can be broken up without taking away from the overall effect. We will be using a variation of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) called Tabata. These are moves you can do at your desk, conference room or break room, literally several minutes at a time. Read the rest of the article and full workout HERE.

My ‘Iron Man Mag’ August Article

I am excited have and share my second article for Iron Man Magazine “Turning Weak Points Into Highlights”. Check it out to read my best tips on bringing up those lagging muscle groups. Please share this article for me, and tag myself and Iron Man. Thank you!

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Featured in August Train Mag!

I am honored to grace the pages of yet another Train Magazine with this new August issue that is out now. I wrote two different articles (8-pages total) and appear in photos. Pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble and other retailers. Download the ‘Train Magazine’ phone app to download the digital version. It’s been a lot of fun working with Train and I look forward to sharing a lot more of my experience with the world. Special thanks to all my friends for being excited about all this and sharing/tagging. It means a lot to me. Thank you. 

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“Krib Karnage” has arrived!

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I am honored to announce my first exclusive trainer with Kaged Muscle Supplements called “Krib Karnage”! This has been a long time coming. While this is designated a ‘Home Trainer’ it can be done as a supplement to your gym work or as a stand alone. Minimal equipment, but maximum intensity. These are not just place holder, or cardio workouts, but beat downs for people of all fitness levels. It’s designed to help you push your limits in new ways, increase strength, and drop body fat anywhere, anytime. Let me show you creative ways to do things at home you’ve never thought of before. Download it now FREE. I will be making myself available for all questions and going live frequently. I am here to help you all as much as possible.

Download HERE:

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My First “Iron Man Magazine” Article

I am honored to have an article on one of the most respected fitness magazines in the industry. This first article, of many more to come, focuses on how to keep muscle and minimize fat gain while out with an injury.

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The last time I threw my back out was over two years ago while pushing my deadlift limits. I knew I shouldn’t have tried that last set. My recent lower back spasm occurred while just messing around here at the house this last Memorial Day weekend, literally doing nothing. This latest occurrence was probably the worst to date. I just laid there on the floor for a good while in pain before my wife could even help me get up. That first 24 hours, I could barely walk and it was really more like a shuffle. Besides the obvious pain, the other bad thing about all this is that I am a personal trainer and extremely active. My whole day is built around my workouts where I design new programs, as well as film and photograph content for sponsors, clients, and followers worldwide. Working out is my livelihood…(Read the rest of this article HERE.)

Featured in Train Magazine!

I am super excited to announce that I have a two-page feature in the new issue of Train Magazine (June) out today with The Rock on the cover. This premier fitness magazine is available world-wide (including Barnes & Noble) as well as distributed by This first feature is a profile then watch for my contributed articles with photos each month moving forward.


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Special thanks to Train Magazine for taking an interest in my story and giving me a platform to motivate and educate.
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Recovering from low back injury

It’s humbling for me to write this and share that on late Saturday afternoon I threw my lower back out just messing around here at the house during garage clean up day. I haven’t had a serious low back injury for several years and the last time it happened I was doing a heavy deadlift. This time I was doing almost nothing and it was the worst episode I’ve ever had. I couldn’t get up off the ground for a good while and just walking was a challenge the first 48hrs.  I want to be that big strong guy that is invincible, but lately getting up and walking has been a challenge. I realized yesterday that true strength comes from not giving up and overcoming challenges. I have to give big thanks to my family for taking care of me and loving me when I’m down. This has been a challenge for me mentally as I always have so many plans. I want to be transparent here and share why this might have happened, what I’ve been doing to recover, and how I will proceed.

How this might have happened: Sometimes accidents just happen and there is so reason as to why. Our body has so many moving parts and when one is as active as I am it only takes one small incorrect movement for something to go wrong. I have been working very hard lately and probably should have taken another ‘de-load’ week several weeks ago. I’ve talked about ‘de-loads’ and their importance earlier this year. I’ve been lifting so intensely lately that my central nervous system, muscles, and body in general probably needed a short rest. While I had no pain this last week while squatting or doing back work my body has probably slowly been getting worn down. I need to be more consistent with having de-loads every 6 weeks and not let that turn into 10-12 weeks. Read my article on my ‘De-load’ process HERE.

What I am doing to recover:

  • Rest: When it first happened my primary goal was to rest and not make it worse. Almost every position was uncomfortable. I used a lot of pillows to find positions that didn’t hurt and just laid.
  • Ice: I did a lot of icing the first 48hrs. I kept the ice packs on for 15-20 minutes at a time with breaks in between each session.
  • Anti-inflammatory: I am taking healthy dose of ibuprofen and a pain pill every 6hrs.
  • Moving: After the first 48hrs of doing the above I was able to move better. At this point it’s important to get up and walk around every 30 minutes or so. I also started going on longer walks outside, but being careful not to overdo it.
  • Light stretching: After the first 48hrs when things started to loosen up a bit I also started to do some light stretching. Some of these stretches I’ve demonstrated before and can be viewed HERE. I’ve been doing everything lightly except for that final bent over stretch I am not doing.

What I am doing to stay on track fitness wise:

  • Walking: I am walking for mobility, but also to burn what calories I can. Getting outside for fresh air also helps with depression that might set in when one is down with injury. Guilty!
  • Eating light: I’ve been sticking to my normal eating and water drinking schedule. It is important to not skip meals. I need to support muscle maintenance with my nutrition, BUT since I am not working out I don’t need to bring in as much calories or carbs. I’ve been trying to eat very clean and lower carb. My breakfast has been one scoop of whey isolate and one egg along with five egg whites.
  • Staying hydrated: While challenging since I am not being as active as normal I am doing my best to stay fully hydrated by drinking my normal amount of water which is over a gallon a day. Kaged Muscle Hydracharge is a big help because of it’s great taste and hydration properties.
  • Supplementation: I’ve been sticking to my normal Kaged Muscle supplement protocol to keep my muscles flooded with protein, creatine, and amino acids to help slow muscle breakdown. This means I’ve been taking Kaged whey isolate several times a day, as well as multiple servings of Hydracharge with glutamine throughout the day. I’ve also been continuing to take Pre-Kaged and In-Kaged even though I am not working out. Many will think this is overboard, but it’s helping me keep my energy up and giving me a good dose of creatine and other ingredients to help me in maximum muscle retention and recovery mode. It may not be absolutely necessary, but it’s also not hurting. *Get 15% off with code “Michael15”.


(Getting outside and walking is helping me recovery, regain mobility, and burn some calories.)

What’s next? 

The key is allow my body to fully recover and take it slow. It’s been three days since my back went out as I post this article. As long as I watch my eating even a whole week out of the gym shouldn’t put me back much at all. I plan to continue sticking to all the above protocol for another day. If everything continues to heal I might hit the gym on Thursday (another 48hrs from now) for some light upper body work. I will probably stick to primarily machines or seated exercises.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. They have meant a lot. I’ll be back…

-Wittig, ISSA CPT
IPE Natural Pro 3x Champ
Kaged Muscle Athlete
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